May 29, 2018

Rosie the Writerer

“I’ve never taken a photograph of someone and created a persona, I’ve just discovered what was already there.”

This is what your headshot should do.


This is Rose, she is a copywriter.

To put that in super plain language, that means she writes words for businesses… to help them sell stuff and get more dollar bills in their pockets. She’s a marketing dweeb and a total word nerd, and she loves to entertain people.

Her dog Ranger and her cat Athena made a brief appearance in the photoshoot… but they’re a lot more camera-shy than their mommy. Both of them are elderly rescues. #AdoptDontShop #AdoptASeniorPet!


Rose and I met through barbershop, back when we were both members of Harmony on the Sound Chorus in Connecticut, when I lived out east. One of these days we’ll sing together again…I keep trying to get her to move out to Colorado too, but no luck so far. 😉


If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before, or if you want to dip your toe in the water before booking her for a big project, she’s got an introductory Power-Hour package for polishing up existing web copy (…or marketing emails…ad copy…sales letters…she’s not too picky) in a live, one-on-one edit session. Her scheduling link is below if that interests you:

[ Work with Rose ]

Her website is here, if you want to spy on her even more.

PS… Rose generously gifted me a free Power-Hour this June to polish up some of the web copy here on my site, so be on the lookout for some added sparkle soon!


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  1. rosiethewriterer says:

    Yaaaay! Thank you so much, Mandy. So fortunate that you are my friend. ❤️

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