“You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust. You make beautiful things out of us” A song that carries a lot of meaning for this amazing family!

My friend Jami is one of the most compassionate and loving people I have known. Her and Jake were destined to be together and it makes me so happy that they have such a beautiful family of five…SOON TO BE SIX!

Jami and I met when we were in college in Joplin, MO and we were instantly inseparable. We had a lot of fun together and I was lucky to see the beginning of her and Jake’s relationship. They got married in Florida and I was a bridesmaid. We have stayed close even though our lives may be completely different and we live over 1000 miles away from each other. Jake and Jami are such giving people and they truly have hearts of gold.

My family and I went on a long road trip and we stopped in Florida for Disney World. On the way home from Disney World we would pass through Jami’s town and so I reached out to her to see if we could stay with her overnight one night. I also wanted to do something nice for her so I offered to do a family shoot. Little did I know that the family shoot would be so much more than that. When we got to her house I was confused because there were a ton of cars in the driveway. I gave her a call to make sure we were in the right place and my adorable Jami walked out of the house. She was so cute in her white and black dress! I ran and gave her a hug and then we introduced the kids to each other. She then told me that there were so many cars there because her family was there for a gender reveal party!!! SAY WHAT??? I didn’t even know she was pregnant so i was shocked and since I hadn’t seen her in so long, I didn’t notice the little baby bump she had! I grabbed my camera (and the family lol) and headed inside to see all of the people I had seen years before at Jake and Jami’s wedding!!!

A little back story about Jake and Jami’s journey to have kids: “I had two miscarriages between Genesis and Gracen. We got pregnant with Genesis right away when we decided to try but with Gracen it took us a year to conceive and then we lost two so by the time we conceived him it took about 18 months. When Gracen was born we were just so happy to have been able to have another that we never really thought about having more. Then when he turned one we said we’d give it til one of us turned 30 to have another one and if we lost again or didn’t get pregnant by then, we’d be done. We got pregnant with Jude immediately and were convinced he was our last. Now surprise!”

So after having one girl and two boys the newer addition is…..drum roll please……


gibbs-gender-reveal (4 of 25)gibbs-gender-reveal (5 of 25)gibbs-gender-reveal (6 of 25)To say they are excited about a little girl is an understatement!! gibbs-gender-reveal (16 of 25)gibbs-gender-reveal (15 of 25)gibbs-gender-reveal (20 of 25)

gibbs-gender-reveal (22 of 25)gibbs-gender-reveal (25 of 25)

Jami and her younger sister Jaklyn are both having little girls! Besties forever!!!


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