June 17, 2018

Fisk Family

“To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow”

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This gorgeous little family of three is about to be a family of four. Andrew and Charity have a daughter right now and will soon be joined by another little lady when she decides to make her appearance!

Avinelle was such a ham and made for some super adorable photos showing her personality!

They have been living in Kazakhstan since July of 2017 working towards building a large greenhouse with aquaponics inside. What is aquaponics? The symbiotic relationship of soilless plants growing in either water or rock being fed from the nutrients of fish waste in a separate tank and as the water flows from that tank to the plants, the plants oxygenate the water to go back into the fish tank.

So after all that scientific explanation, a little more about them. Andrew and Charity  both started out in Colorado Springs married in 2010 in Colorado Springs and had their first Little Love, Avinelle, in June of 2015. During that timeframe they worked with a non-profit building and managing aquaponics in a greenhouse with the hope and goal of moving somewhere and starting it somewhere else to bring sustainability to those in need. What a giving and loving family!

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“We are so excited for our new life in Almaty, Kazakhstan as we continue to grow our family and plants and fish!” – Charity

I have known this couple for a long time and have loved to see what they are doing to help people in other places! They are some of the most selfless people I know and I am truly honored to be a part of their lives and to have been able to capture all the love and fun they have with each other! I can’t wait to see you new baby girl and see how she grows and thrives in such a loving family! Congratulations!!



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