June 18, 2018

Hickman Family 2018

“The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home”

– President Harold B Lee


Shanda and Preston are some of the most patient and loving parents I have come in contact with! With 7 kids in tow, they remained calm and collected for the entire photo shoot!


Not only were they calm but all 7 kids were very well behaved. Yes, they climbed up the rocks…as a kid who wouldn’t want to climb all over the place. None of them threw a fit and when Preston and Shana would talk to them, they spoke with love and were treated with respect in return!




How handsome is he? If you didn’t know any better,  you would think that Wilder (9 months) looks like a grown man. Especially with that bow tie! He started out a little shy and wouldn’t smile, but he sure does love his family. He lit up when they would talk or play with him!


He sure does love his mama!


Miss Phoebe (3) was full of energy and such a sweetie! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! She had a ton of energy and gave me some great smiles when I asked her to look at the camera!


Look at that hair! Lola (5) was absolutely stunning with her fiery red hair. She was so intrigued with my camera I actually let her take some pictures of her brother half way through the shoot! She loved climbing all over those rocks and had no fear!


Jasper (7) is such a handsome boy, isn’t he? He was very quiet the majority of the time but he knew how to strike a pose. He was awesome at following directions as well, which made my job a lot easier 🙂


Milo (9) kept to himself, but you could tell that he cared deeply for his siblings…he was around the little ones a lot, looking out for them, and was extremely attentive! He was so easy to work with!


Talia (11) looked like a princess in her white dress, and carried herself like one as well! She was born to stand out and is very considerate and genuine!


At one point in the shoot she came up to me with a cork she had brought and had wrapped flowers round it. You would have thought she had spent a lot of time on it so I made it a point to take a picture of it. Im pretty sure it is one of my favorite shots in the session 😉

IMG_1639Meet Gavin (18)…doesn’t he look so dashing in his suit? I found out that Gavin has decided to serve a mission for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. He didn’t get to pick where he went but indicated that he was willing to go anywhere. He was assigned to serve full time in Lima, Peru. Gavin will be there for 2 years and will both share teachings from their church and serve to help the needs of the people in his area. He is excited to make a difference and of his own accord worked through high school to pay for the mission himself. His parents are so proud of him and they know he will do a great job! Peru will be lucky to have such an amazing young man there!



I enjoyed this photo shoot so much and look forward to working with this amazing family again! Thanks for taking the time to read all about the Hickman family!



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