“Home of the Free, because of the Brave!”

Okay, so, truth be told I was so prepared for this shoot and I was sooo excited…but Mother Nature had a different plan! Surprisingly, it was not rain or hail or even snow that did me in, but…THE WIND! Now don’t get me wrong, wind on a hot day is nice but when you are dealing with a stand that has lots of fun decor and knick knacks on it, it can get tricky! I showed up to Otero park, which ended up being perfect when I took the mock-up pictures a few weeks before, but the sun was all sorts of crazy and the shadows made it hard to pick a perfect spot for the shoot! Every place I chose was uneven, which made it hard for my husband when I kept having him move the set over and over! At one point it blew over! Despite the plans Mother Nature had, the pictures turned out perfect! The kids had so much fun and I captured great big smiles! I was able to meet new people and see people I know already, and had a blast doing what I love!

fireworks mini-penn-2018-crop (1 of 1).jpg


Adrianna and Scarlett are two of the most beautiful little girls I have had the honor of meeting. Their parents Travis and Kristina will have to watch out when they get older!

Adrianna was so sweet and calm the whole time and a very good listener. I enjoyed every minute I got to take pictures of these cuties!

Scarlett is an extremely good listener as well. You can tell she is such a ham..look at all the expression I got out of her in a matter of 20 minutes! What a personality. 🙂

Adrianna is such an amazing big sister to Scarlett, who wants to be exactly like her big sister. I noticed this when I would ask Adrianna to do things and Scarlett went right ahead and did them as well. This made working with a toddler super easy when they both were together.

Travis served in the military and I found out that he stepped on a land mine in Afganistan over 7 years ago and boy has he come a long way from that day! Thank you for everything you have done for this country, Travis, you are a true hero!


Meet Matthew and Amelia, their dad, Markus, deployed in April and will be gone for 9 months, so we did some adorable pictures with his picture! This one is my favorite! Thank you for your service Markus, and Happy 4th of July!

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Matthew was your typical 2 year old little boy. He wanted to touch and throw everything he picked up…I didn’t blame him though with all the colors and different sparkles and new things to play with! He was great in front of the camera and gave me some super cute smiles and lots to work with!

Miss Amelia was a doll..she wasn’t into the pictures at first so after Teresa (mom) took her for a walk she was in a great mood and we got some super sweet pictures of her.



Holly and Bryce were no exception to my adorable kids that day! They are such good listeners and were super patient with me and each other!

Holly just turned 4 and was so much fun to work with. She was just cute as ever with her LuLaRoe Dress and her bright red bow!  If you are ever in need of LuLaRoe, Holly’s mom, Heather Maxson, is your woman!

Bryce is such a sweetheart! He is a boy with a lot of compassion! He is sensitive but still tough! He and Holly ran around after the session and you can tell how much they love each other! He was great to work with also and listened better than most 6 year olds I know!

Heather looked so pretty I made her hop in some pictures with her kiddos! How cute is this family? They have family pictures scheduled in the next few weeks because Chris (Heather’s husband) is deploying for a while. Thank you for your service Chris! You are a hero!

This is the first of MANY mini sessions to come! Stay tuned for Lemonade Stand (at a TBD location) in July followed by Back to School mini sessions the first week of August!

Love you all,

Mandy Penn Photography