Walz Family Portrait Session

“Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another” -Richard Garnett

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The Walz family knows exactly what this quote is all about! This family was so sweet and very patient with me last Friday! We met at Tommy David Park…if you have not been there, GO! It is tucked back behind some trees and the entrance is kind of hidden! Which meant that we met in different places LOL! Pat gave me a call and told me they were at the location. I looked around and didn’t see them so I asked, “Where are you?” She told me she was at a barn…which was a block east of where the park was…so they strolled on over to where I was and I was glad we chose this park because the barn was crazy busy with a birthday party and we would have not gotten the awesome shots that we did. The wind gave us some troubles. All the ladies were troopers with the wind, I snapped shots between breezes and we got some amazing shots of everyone! This family was so much fun to shoot with!



Meet Pat and Ray who are one year shy of being married 50 years!!! Ray and Pat have two sons, Clint and Chad, and their family just keeps growing with two daughter in laws, two beautiful granddaughters and two grand-dogs! What a sweet couple and so loving, to not only each other, but to everyone they meet! I have know Pat for years…she and I sing in Sweet Adelines together and boy is she talented! Her husband Ray went along with the flow amazingly and took direction very well! I guess that is what happens after you have been married for almost 50 years 😉


This family is Clint, Kara, Mia and Audrey. They live in Wisconsin and have a chocolate lab named Lucy who could not make the trek with them this time. The girls are twins which I was so excited about because I have twins! Kara and I swapped stories about all the things we hear on a daily basis. Like “Are they identical?”, “Wow, twins…I always wanted twins”, “That must make it nice since they always have someone to play with”, “I totally know how having twins is because my kids ares so close in age” and so on. We had some great laughs!


Clint and Kara have been married for over 15 years and you can see how much fun they still have together. I hope when our kids are 12…Caleb and I still like each other that much!


Mia and Audrey, as I said, are twins, and are 12 years old, 13 in September! They are so different but both were extremely shy at the start. Look at how cute they are together though. They are both very musically inclined and have taken piano for years. Mia (left) played Cello and this past year played the French Horn (like her Grandma). Audrey (right) played Viola and Flute (like her mom and grandma on mom’s side) and is continuing piano lessons as well! These girls are quite the duo!

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Audrey has a kind and gentle heart and it quite empathetic towards others. She shows great perseverance and determination when she wants to meet her goals. Audrey does everything with her whole heart. You can see and feel her emotion come through when she is doing the things she loves; reading, playing music, acting and dancing.

Audrey describes herself as being positive, humorous, respectful, responsible and sometimes lazy.

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Mia has a joyful and competitive spirit. She thrives off of activity and positivity. When she is competing, you can see her drive, determination and dedication come through! Mia inspires those around her to play hard and live life out loud!

Mia describes herself as being energetic, athletic, positive and happy.

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These two lovebirds are Chad and Suzanne and they have been married for 2 years. They have a gorgeous German Shepard, Winnie Copper, who was not up for picture taking that day, but I do hope I get to meet him soon!


These girls love their mama!


Brothers and some photo bombers??


I loved posing these 4 because they just snuggled right up to their grandparents and I didn’t have to tell them to do much! So much laughter and fun in this family!


I am truly astonished at how much love families have for each other and the different dynamics between them! This was one of the easier and most fun shoots! Thank you Pat and Ray for allowing me to capture your family pictures and personalities! You all made it a breeze 😉

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read about this awesome family…stay tuned for the next blog!


Love Always,

Mandy Penn Photography

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