“Family is where life begins, and Love never ends”

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This family has been a Godsend to our family. Chris and Heather actually used Caleb as their realtor last year and little did we know how amazing we would get along!


Heather is a LuLaRoe consultant and an amazing one at that! She earned herself a cruise last year and is on her way to do that again this year! Heather is an amazing LuLaRoe consultant but not because she is focused on sales. She is one of the most service oriented business owners I have ever met! She takes care of her customers and loads them up with extra swag! She is amazing at remembering names and styles along with sizes and what you already have! She is a true inspiration and a phenomenal entrepreneur! Chris is in the Army and is stationed on Fort Carson. He is an apache pilot, which is sooooo cool! He is actually getting ready to deploy in just a few weeks. 🙁 He is a fantastic dad and provides for his family! They were made for each other and have grown so much together! They have been together for over ten years and I can’t imagine how hard deployment is for them. Thanks Chris for your continued service to our country! You are a true hero!maxson family 2018 (2 of 55)

Bryce is just about the cutest 6-year-old ever! He is going to be a little stud when he is older. He is full of love, life and energy. He and my son, Deklan, get along so well and it’s so much fun to see how they interact as boys.

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Mamas make a difference in a boys life…you can tell how much he loves her in these pictures!

Holly and my daughter, Makenna, get along so well also. It always breaks my heart when we leave from a lunch date because Holly is so upset (to the point of tears) that Makenna is leaving! Pulls at your heart strings huh? Holly is very confident and inquisitive little girl and knows what she wants! These are amazing qualities to have as a little girl! She knows how to stand up for herself and is very compassionate at the same time. What a sweetheart.

A mother and her daughter…such a sweet bond!

How cute are they together??

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Like any siblings, they have there disagreements but they are the perfect pair!

The photoshoot could not have gone any better! The weather was absolutely perfect! Rock Ledge Ranch is just gorgeous, which you probably know because it is always swarming with photographers. It was magic hour which also helps the ambiance of the pictures. It’s my favorite time to shoot! maxson family 2018 (1 of 55)

I am truly blessed to know people like the Maxsons! Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family! 

Thanks for your time…see you next time!


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