July 18, 2018

Shaw Family Portraits

“Kids are such great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”

This quote resonates with me when I think of Brian and Aasta Shaw. I was lucky enough to have a session with this gorgeous family at Garden of the Gods this past Sunday. Aasta knew she wanted to have pictures there and I was totally on board! Garden of the Gods is nothing short of gorgeous and when you add a beautiful family to that you get perfection 🙂

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Brian and Aasta are pros at getting their kids, 5 under the age of 5, together and wrangled up. Aasta and Brian both go to the gym often with all the kids in tow, and do it while looking fantastic! When I first had my twins you were lucky to see me with my hair down and not up in a messy bun, but Aasta does that and more with her twins and her three older kids. CRAZY!!! She is a true inspiration. shaw family 2018 (34 of 89)

Dakari is 5 years old and is the oldest of the kids. He started the session very shy and quiet but once I took him by himself, his little personality shined through. He is so sweet and very soft spoken. This little boy is so intelligent, empathetic, passionate, and a little bit of a perfectionist (which is never a bad thing).

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Kalani is wild and free, a leader, spirited and independent. At times it was hard to get him to look at the camera but when he did, wow! His little smile could brighten up the saddest of people. His curly hair is absolutely awesome and I hope it stays like that forever. At one point, he fell and scraped his knee a bit but after the tears subsided I got some pictures by the fence that are some of my favorite!

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Atreo was in THE BEST MOOD and was all about helping with the twins. He is so loving, and when Brian would give him a chance to love or hold them, his eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas, and he jumped at the opportunity. Atreo is so nurturing, caring and thoughtful. You could tell by the way he wanted to help with his baby brother and sister. He was so curious, energetic, and listened so well when I told him to look at the camera. His little personality just came out in every picture I took!

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These twins are some of the cutest I have ever seen. Allyanna (Ally) is inquisitive, quiet, perceptive, smart, and sweet. Berrick (Bear) is outgoing, talkative, social, and happy go lucky. They both have such different personalities and I could not help but want to snuggle them both. They hardly fussed at all and when they did, Brian and Aasta could calm them down in a matter of seconds. With having twins, after three boys, you can imagine the stress and anxiety that parents can have, but Brian and Aasta handle it like champs. (Just for reference I do NOT call myself a baby photographer and newborns are not my specialty…I have a girl I refer to for that because it is a hard job, but I had to get at least one with just the two of them)

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This is what love looks like. Take notes 🙂

Daddy loves his twinkies!

A mom and her babies!

Brian and Aasta both show amazing amounts of patience, and love to not only each other but their kids. I could think of nothing better to teach your kids than how to love each other unconditionally. Good job Brian and Aasta for starting to raise such sweet and loving children.

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P.S. Thanks so much to my amazing assistant, Paige McCarthy, who helped hold babies and carry all the things! Couldn’t have done it without you. Although, she probably didn’t mind the baby snuggles!

Thanks for taking the time to read about hit family and stay tuned for more!

Love Always,


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