“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

Meet Vintage! These lovely ladies are a barbershop quartet and not only do they love to sing but they are good at it. Vintage competed at regional contest this year and earned themselves a place at Sweet Adeliens international competition, this October, in St. Louis! It is a huge honor to compete at that level and they are going to rock that stage.

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This evening was actually the first time ALL four members were together and the first time they were able to sing together! This makes the fact that they are going to international even more impressive.

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Let’s meet the members of this amazing quartet!

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Meet Becky, the lead in the quartet. For those who don’t know, the lead is the melody in a quartet and is normally the melodic line of the song. Becky is what you would call a barbershop brat, meaning she was born to sing in Sweet Adelines. Her mom is a judge, director and everything in between for The Sweet Adelines organization and has been since she was pregnant with her. Becky is one of the most talented women I know. Not only does she have a full time job, as a social worker, but she is the assistant director for Skyline Chorus, in Denver, along side her mom. She has earned her place and actually just applied to the judging program, and got accepted! She also does learning tracks for the chorus and is branching out to other choruses and quartets within the organization! She sings Lead in Vintage, but in the chorus sings baritone, and tenor, depending on the song. Her drive and love for barbershop is evident and she is a great leader and educator.

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Meet Laura, she sings bass. Bass is the lowest part in barbershop and has to be prominent and on point! Laura is a fantastic bass and recently switched from baritone in the chorus. She is also a barbershop brat, so it was only a matter of time before she joined Sweet Adelines! She grew up around barbershop, and is now the 3rd generation, in her family, to join this hobby! Her mom and grandmother were Sweet Adelines, and her dad and grandfather’s were in the men’s society. Her dad is a two-time international quartet champion (Grandma’s Boys and Keepsake), and her brother sings with the Dapper Dans at Disney World, in Florida. Skyline is her first barbershop chorus! Laura is currently working as a project coordinator with Muller Engineering and volunteers with the Child Life department at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Something fun about Laura is that she worked on a cruise ship (Holland America Line) for 2 years as a sound technician. She was able to sail around the Baltic Sea in Europe, the Caribbean and Alaska.

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This is Lisa, she is the baritone in the quartet. Not sure what baritone is? Me either! Baritone makes no sense, unless you sing the part, except to fill in the cord. It’s an interesting and difficulty part to master. If you ever meet someone who sings baritone, ask them to sing their part alone and you will see what I mean. Lisa works as a career change coach, helping individuals transition from one career path to another one, that better fits them. She sang in both middle and high school choirs, and joined Sweet Adelines, back in Virginia, in 2013 with the Potomac Harmony Chorus. She then transferred to Vienna Falls chorus in 2015 and is now singing with Vintage! She is hoping to eventually join Skyline with the rest of the girls. She is located in Boulder but commutes to sing with the quartet. She is truly an amazing asset to this team!

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Meet the newest member of Vintage, Lizzie! Lizzie joined Vintage about a month ago due to the exit of Morgan, Vintage’s former tenor, who couldn’t compete at internationals because of work issues. Lizzie sings tenor, which is the highest part…much like 1st soprano, but more like the baritone, notes wise. I know it’s confusing! Lizzie started singing in Sweet Adelines in high school with her mom. She joined her first quartet at that time as well, called Little Women. After college, life swept her off on many other adventures. She lived and worked in New York City for a few years and from there started living and working on traditionally rigged sailboats as a cook. After years of sailing, traveling and cooking (and many other adventures!) She found her way to Boulder. “The best part of living in one place again is having the opportunity to sing again.” She joined Skyline Chorus earlier this year and from there got to sing with the ladies of Vintage! She does many part time jobs in Boulder, including catering, working as an Innkeeper at a local B&B, and teaching sewing classes. Fun Fact: last year she toured the US with a company called Outstanding In The Field and put on over 100 farm dinners in the course of 6 months. Wow!!

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If you are interested in seeing them compete make sure to check out The Sweet Adelines website closer to October for the webcast link! You will not want to miss their debut on the international stage.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out these gorgeous ladies! Stay tuned for more fun this week on the blog!