August 1, 2018

Happy 1st B-Day Sawyer and Raylan

“Double the giggles, double the grins, double the trouble, when you’re blessed with twins”

Twin are in deed lots of trouble. They get into mischief, they push each others buttons, but they also challenge each other. Twins are truly amazing. They know just how to love each other and are best friends.


I met Sara when a mutual friend reached out to me and informed me that Sara and Ronnie had just had their twins (boy/girl) at 29 weeks and 6 days. That was the exact time my kiddos came into the world…and at the same hospital no less. I reached out to Sara and scheduled a time to go see her, even though I hadn’t met her yet. Having a child that early let alone two is scary…no matter how healthy they might be. I stayed for about an hour and told them my kids’ story and what may or may not be in their future. Every child and circumstance is different.


Sawyer has had some issues with reflux, which is hard for Babros because it can result in either a lot of spitting up or a lot of pain, and in dashers case it is both. Did you know that Bananas have a lot of acid in them? I would have never known that! She is getting better day by day though. Raylan had issues with back strength for crawling but with therapy he overcame that obstacle! He is not as interested in solid food yet which will come with time. Despite the obstacles, these little ones overcame in the NICU they are so trough and are thriving!! 

Miss Sawyer was one of the happiest little girls in the world the day of the shoot. She would smile almost every time I talked to her. She got tired towards the end but just got super lovey and quiet. She was a little sassy for not even one. I can only imagine how that sass will get her in trouble when she gets older 😉 lol. Sara told me that she calls Sawyer soy sauce because she can be salty…cutest thing ever!!!

Mr. Raylan was a little harder to get to cooperate. He is a lot like my son, in that they are not happy if they are tired or hungry! You could tell that he was having a hard day, but despite the tears and sad faces the pictures still caught his little personality. You can see his tear filled eyes in some of the pictures and it just breaks your heart. Yes kids cry, but he was not happy that I wanted to take pictures of him! He is so handsome though don’t you think?

I have loved watching them grow and strive despite the difficulties they have had to endure over the past year! A lot of people don’t ever experience the NICU but it is a place that can be sad and lonely if you let it consume you. If you focus on the positives and small steps your children are making than you get through it much easier. This is, of course, easier said then done. The staff at St. Francis is phenomenal though, and they continue to love and care for premie babies…some of the same nurses that took care of my boy/girl 29 and 6 day twins are the same nurses that took care of Sara’s boy/girl 29 and 6 day twins. What a small world!


Ronnie got a job in Texas so we made time before they left to get some birthday and family pictures. We had the shoot scheduled at Rock Ledge Ranch and at one point we walked over to the field for some more pictures of just the kids and there were sheep in the field grazing, it was so cool! You can barely make them out in the background…I wish we could have gotten closer but I was not about to scare them OR the babies!


Look at that face! O.M.G. What a cutie patootie!


Thank you Sara and Ronnie for allowing me to capture these pictures…your children are truly amazing and I can see how much love you both have for them. They will only continue to grow and thrive in the environment you have provided them. You should be very proud of the parents you have become.


Happy 1st Birthday to Sawyer and Raylan! I only pray you continue to grow strong and become loving, compassionate kids.

Thank you as always for taking the time out of your busy day to read more about this amazing family and where life is taking them!

Love Always,


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