August 5, 2018

Carolyn + Matt Est. 2018

“May your life be full of love, and your love be full of life.”

Matt + Carolyn (25 of 28)

Meet Matt and Carolyn! This couple is just the cutest! They went simple and chic! They did almost everything themselves, with the help of some friends and family.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (117 of 166)

They got the flowers from Costco and they looked amazing. Matt’s mom, Cheryl, used to own a floral business so she had the flowers done perfectly!



I walked into the house on Friday for the ceremony which was only about a dozen people and consisted of only family, and the house smelled so good…there were flowers all over the place. Some were there for the ceremony, which took place in their backyard, and the others were there for the reception the next day!



The ceremony was so quick and easy going. Nathan, Carolyn’s brother officiated and said a few words and then they exchanged their vows. You can tell how much people love and care for each other when you listen to their vows. The vows tell you why they fell in love and what things are important to them in their relationship.



These two are a fun, caring and passionate couple.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (118 of 166)

The reception took place at The Barn in Evergreen Memorial Park. The Barn is absolutely gorgeous and has that amazing rustic feel!



I LOVE doing weddings that are simple, and this barn had such charm, with its surrounding farms and agriculture. The Barn is nestled in the mountains and surrounded by evergreens and wildlife…check it out here:! The entrance to the barn was so simple and elegant. Carolyn had lots of people helping set up all the tables and the flowers, which made it a quick and easy set-up!

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (267 of 99)

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (268 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (256 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (259 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (269 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (273 of 99)Her friend, Katie showed up with the cakes! Gorgeous much? Wow! Katie used to make cakes and had her own business doing it, why did she even stop? The cakes were the perfect accent to the already beautiful space. The cakes were white and they all had different flavors in each one, and she added some flowers to make them pop! Just look at them!!!



As people showed up they greated each other, and you could tell that everyone was so loving and happy for Matt and Carolyn. They are so lucky to have such loving friends to start this journey with them.



Congratulations again Matt and Carolyn. I wish you nothing but fun and love in this journey you have embarked on!!!

Matt + Carolyn (24 of 28)

Thank you for taking the time to read about this gorgeous couple and their special day! Stay tuned for more of people just like you doing life together.




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