August 6, 2018

Balcerovich/Merritt Family Session

“Time spent with family, is worth every second.”

This family is near and dear to my heart!

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I have known Kim since high school, which means I have known her family for quite some time! Jim and Connie got married when we were seniors and they are super cute together! Jim is such a jokester, and always lightens the mood! I could never be upset around him because he would always say something funny and it would immediately make me laugh. As long as I have known Kim, Jim has always treated me like a daughter! Unlike Jim, I have only recently gotten to know Connie as well. She has seen my kiddos grow up occasionally at different events. She is so kind and loving…Jim is a lucky man!

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Travis is Connie’s brother and is extremely nice! He made some super fun facial expressions and has the heart of a child. He is truly one in a million.


This cute little family has done lots of moving and is on their way back to Okinawa for another year. After that we will see where the military sends them next!


Kim and Jonny started dating when we were in highs school, and have now been together for 13 years! I have had the privilege to not only see them grow as a couple, but to see their little family grow as well!

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Grace is just adorable and has so much sass. She was awesome at helping me pick locations, when I would ask, and when I asked her what she wanted to do she always had the answer! She was like my little assistant. I might have to hire her to go on shoots with me!


This is one of my favorite pictures of the shoot! Grace was hiding her face, and counting in the background when I asked Jonny to kiss Kim… Grace is so adorable! Normally I will stage this but this was all Grace…it worked out perfectly, don’t you think?

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Grace loves her grandpa so much…its a shame they don’t more fun together!


Grace and her mama! Kim is so involved with Grace. Since she runs her own business and is a stay at home mom, it allows her to do some really awesome things with her. Grace is always experiencing new things and spends lots of time with her mama!


Jonny and Grace have such a great relationship and he loves her so much…Im worried for when she starts having crushes!!! Watch out…this military dad won’t put up with any heart breaks for his little girl!


Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments and interactions between your beautiful family…so happy you all are doing so well… keep loving and enjoying life!

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (107 of 123)Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to read about this family, who keeps it together through everything…just like you! Have a great day!






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