August 10, 2018

Lauri + Lazlo Engagement

“Everything I’ve never done, I want to do with you”

Their love is so real and unjudging. They love inspite of their differences.IMG_4485

Meet Lauri and Lazlo! These two are the essence of love. I had such a blast at their engagement session,  on Wednesday, at The Denver Botanical Gardens. 


We all drove up together, parked about 5-6 blocks away and noticed a sign that said garden closed for event. We thought well let’s just go check and see what’s going on and if we can go in for even just a little bit. We walked up to the entrance and saw there was a concert…uggg. I made light of it and said there were tons of flowers and spots around that would still be gorgeous. So we sat outside the entrance and I took a few pictures in front of some bright colored flowers. As we started to make our way back to the car I heard someone asking people if they needed tickets for the concert, who was Bruce Jornsby and The Noisemakers. We were going to have to pay to get into the Garden anyway so what’s the harm in seeing how much the tickets cost. So I suggested to Lazlo that we just ask how much they are selling them for. The guy informed us that he would let them go for $67 a piece…umm sorry too rich for our blood but thanks for the offer. He then proceeded and asked how much we would be willing to pay. Lazlo, being the bartering beast he is, said no more than $20 since we were not actually there for the concert, and we were only planning on paying $12.50 for an entrance fee. The guy paused and then decided he could do that. We didn’t argue! We paid him and took the tickets to the front…skeptical at first, since I’ve never bought tickets for something outside of the event, my heart was pounding, and you could see that Lauri was a little worried also. They scanned our tickets and told us to enjoy the show!! Crisis averted!! Yay!! So all that to say we made it in and wow was it worth it. 


The chemistry between Lauri and Lazlo is amazing. They settled super fast in front of my camera and made my job super easy. 


I would place them in a spot and tell them to talk about something or give them a small cue and then it would turn into something else, which is where the real magic began. 


Lazlos’ sense of humor is different but I laughed so much at this shoot. His one liners got me the most…we were by grape vines and he looked at me and went “Grape expectations” and for some reason I bursted into laughter. He was so much fun and as Lauri giggled you could tell she had become used to his sense of humor. 

They really are so cute, and they compliment each other so well. The emotions in the pictures are just the start of how they feel about each other. As you can see, the emotions range from serious and intense to easy going and goofy, from mellow to passionate and everything in between! 

I asked them to dance a few different times since Lauri is a dancer, and it always seems to loosen people up. You can tell that this made for some pretty amazing pictures!

I just can not get enough of them! IMG_4448

Even though we weren’t anticipating music in the background, Bruce Hornsby and The Noismakers made for great ambiance, with the gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere. The weather could not have been more perfect either! All around it was an amazing evening and I could not be anymore blessed to have gotten a chance to take these pictures of such a special couple.



Mans for your enjoying pleasure a little more light hearted and more about some fun 😉


Thank you all so much for taking the time to embrace the gorgeous scenery and the captivating love of this couple! Hope to see you back soon!




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