August 18, 2018

Kim Merritt- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

“Nobody gets to tell you how big your dreams are.”

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The quote above encompasses the lady you are going to learn a little more about today. Meet Kim Merritt. This girl is a rockstar. She is a Lemongrass legend…well she will be.

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Kim and I had so much fun while she was in town. We went downtown and met at The Perk, off of Tejon Street and had some awesome coffee and pastries. The mood in there was absolutely perfect for a quiet chat and some pictures. They have two levels and also a patio which was gorgeous. It has been raining so much lately I was worried about the weather, but it was absolutely gorgeous out…so we had that going for us 🙂

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If you have never heard of Lemongrass…it is AMAZING!!! A lot of my products are Lemongrass now and for good reason. I drank the kool-aid as some would say but I really do love the product.

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Here is a little bit more about Kim and how Lemongrass has changed her life: “I found Lemongrass Spa almost 6 years ago shortly after moving to Okinawa Japan. My husband is an Air Force fire fighter and my daughter was 18 months old, and military spouse jobs are very few and far between, especially overseas!

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“I fell in love with the handmade, natural family products, and the opportunity to make an income while meeting new people in our new area.”

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“Educating families on the importance of reading their skincare and cosmetic labels, treating fellow military spouses to in home Spa experiences, and helping others secure their financial future has become a huge passion of mine that I never knew existed before! ”


“With such a vast product line, it’s hard to pick my favorites! My whole face care line, makeup case, and hair care is fresh, clean, and natural products from Lemongrass Spa! But I have to say, my life has been changed by our new Dry Shampoo! I am a busy homeschooling mom with heavy, long, thick hair! So the fact that I don’t have to wash and dry and style my hair daily, has been a huge time saver for me! I now only wash my hair every 5 days or so, which a year ago, I would have never thought possible. And the fact that it’s only $12 and lasts me over 6 months, double win!”

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“My business is more than a passion or lifestyle, it’s become a mission in my life! I’m so thrilled Mandy was able to capture that!”

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Here is her site for you to take a look at all the amazing products if you don’t have a skin regimen or makeup you already buy…or even if you do…go check it out!!! (disclaimer: I do not get any incentive for giving you her link or advertising for her- its just awesome stuff)

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Thank you so much for reading about this bada#* woman and her biz. We all can learn a lot from people all around us and people doing life like us. I challenge you to ask someone you haven’t talked to very much their best piece of advice and try to put in into practice. Even though our own experiences are great for relearning lessons there is a lot of knowledge from others that can help us grow in ways we never thought possible. Thanks Kim for all your wisdom and I hope you continue to grow and flourish like you have in not only this business but in this thing called life.




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