August 31, 2018

Day- Of

“A talented wedding planner is a gift you give yourself…and then wonder how you ever thought you could manage without one”


Meet Courtney…an amazing and highly sought after Wedding Planner, located in Colorado! I had the honor of assisting Courtney with a wedding this past weekend, in Estes, and took some pictures of her in her element! She rocked the socks off this wedding and made it super stress free and fun for the bride, groom, their family and guests!


She helps create unforgettable events for uncommon people! Here is a bit about her company: The Day-Of is a full-service wedding planner based out of Denver, Colorado. With over 10 years of wedding planning and theatre experience in her back pocket, lead wedding planner Courtney Hayes-Jurcheck uses her positive energy, out of the box thinking, and crazy attention to detail to create a joyful and fun wedding planning experience. At The Day-Of, the number one compliment they receive is that their couples felt like a guest at their own (totally awesome) wedding!


If you are ever in need of a wedding planner Courtney is your girl! Don’t believe me? Take it from some of her previous clients:

“I love Courtney! She’s enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, and really got it done for us. We had no clue what we were doing but from the moment we decided to hire Courtney, we could tell progress was being made. She does a great job of listening to what you want out of your weekend/day and does a great job of making sure that everyone’s expectations are managed. Courtney has amazing vendors that she works with on a regular basis so that was a breeze. Working with Courtney truly made the whole process easier and even enjoyable. She’s really great at taking the load off and her timelines are a thing of beauty. It was so nice to show up to our wedding weekend knowing that she had everything under control. We didn’t have to worry about a thing!
I highly recommend Courtney. You’ll have a great time planning your wedding if you do so and you’ll look back on the entire process and remember nothing but joy! I’d hire her again but alas, I will not be getting married again! I miss her already!” -KRISTIN


“This was the best money we spent on our entire wedding. Hiring Courtney with The Day Of was the best decision. She is top notch: knowledgeable, kind, fun, warm, and professional. She put together our timeline, coordinated all the vendors and made the day run smoothly. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a coordinator – and hire The Day Of! You will not regret it.” – MICHELLE


Thanks so much for taking the time to read about this woman and her amazing business she is building. If you have a questions about her services or want to learn more check out her website:




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