September 5, 2018

Lauryn 2019 Senior

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.”         -Dr. Suess

Lauryn Senior (19 of 183)

Meet Lauryn…love the way she spells her name by the way! She is a senior and is full of life. As if she wasn’t gorgeous enough, this girl has such a genuine personally, and is super funny! We laughed a lot at her session.

Lauryn Senior (63 of 183)

Lauryn is so adorable and has a great personality. She was willing to try anything and was lots of fun to work with!

Lauryn Senior (38 of 183)

We ended up going to Castlewood State Park because I am obsessed with the scenery…it is so beautiful, and has a ton of different places to shoot at!!!

Lauryn Senior (106 of 183)

I met Lauryn’s mom, Deb, while working for a girl named Lauri, with Local Motion Productions. Lauri hired me for some events, where she does video and action photos for her clients. Deb and I worked in the same rink, her on video and me on action photos! We instantly got along, and I was able to meet her gorgeous daughter a few months later.

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What made this shoot even more fun was having Lauri shoot footage of me, for a promo video, while I was taking pictures and interacting with Lauryn. Lauri is with Local Motion Productions ( and is putting together a promotional video for me. Who better to be my subject than Lauryn! Having Lauri there made for an exciting dynamic and was super enjoyable, especially since she was able to capture all the fun we were having! If you are in need of video, Lauri is your girl. She is amazing, and I can’t wait for the final product. Stay tune for that later this month!

Lauryn Senior (131 of 183)

Lauryn was so loving and very humble. Every time she did something and I gave her a compliment she would giggle and just shyly say thanks. She is truly an amazing girl and is going to go places.

Here are a few of my favorite shot of this gorgeous gal!

Lauryn Senior (160 of 183)Lauryn Senior (6 of 183)Lauryn Senior (167 of 183)

I had her give me some fun faces and some serious faces. I liked her serious faces because they eventually turned into laughing with a genuine smile. I find myself drawn to the less posed and more candid photos…they always seem to be the best.

Lauryn Senior (30 of 183)

Thanks so much for taking the time to see the beginning of Lauryn’s journey. Stay tuned for the next blog!



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