“Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love”

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Meet John and Kelly Cowan. They live in a beautiful neighborhood northwest of Castle Rock and the scenery was so pretty we just used it as the backdrop!!!

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Next up are Steve and Jozie! Their daughter Stephanie and son, Richie, were there and as you will soon find out Sean and Stephanie are the reason these two families came into each others lives!

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This is Richie and Emily! They couldn’t stay long, but we made sure to get all the pictures we could before they headed out! They are an adorable couple aren’t they?

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Kelly reached out to me and asked about family sessions so we scheduled a date! Lucky for them, there daughter in laws’ parents were able to be there with their other son so we got them all done at once! Talk about killing two birds with one stone (maybe not the best analogy but the only one I can think of right now LOL)

John and Kelly have two kids and two grandkids! Their oldest is Sean who is married to Stephanie and they have two kids, Cooper and Ryan. Ashley is the youngest and is an absolutely amazing woman. She was so sweet and is a lot like her mom!

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AHHHH…the grandparents with their pride and joy, Cooper and Ryan!

This is Cooper and Ryan. Like almost all kids, they were not happy about having to sit still and take pictures, however with the help of grandpa and the rest of this crazy bunch we got some really adorable pictures!

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Of course we can’t forget about the dogs! They were all so sweet and once the treats were pulled out they were picture perfect! 😉


Thank you for taking the time to read about these two families loving life along side each other! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your families John, Kelly, Steve and Jozie! It was truly a pleasure!