September 11, 2018

Laikynn- Newborn Lifestyle 2018

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

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The Bible verse above is hanging on the wall of this cuties room. Meet Laikynn, born Monday, August 20th, at 9:33AM weighing 7lbs 2.5oz and 19.5 inches long!

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Oh My goodness isn’t she adorable? I could not get enough of her on Saturday, at the shoot. She was so good and even when she started to cry, all we had to do was pick her up and she was super happy again. She is a true girl isn’t she?

laikynn newborn (6 of 72)Izaiah and Kyndall have two pit bulls, Zeus and Zahyr and boy were they beautiful pups. They were such happy dogs and were so pretty I just had to get a family picture with them in it! laikynn newborn (22 of 72)

Kyndall mentioned, while I was there, that Laikynn sticks her tonge out a lot. I giggled, but then as the shoot went on I could see what she meant and I could not resist all the pictures with her little tongue. OMG!!!

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Izaiah was absolutely adorable to watch as a dad…at the maternity session I did for them a few months ago, I could tell by how sweet and loving he was to Kyndall that he would be a great dad. He did not disappoint! He looks at Laikynn with such love and adoration. He is on diaper duty at night and helps Kyndall a lot with her in the middle of the night. What a great dad he is already becoming…I can’t wait to watch her grow up!!!

Kyndall is already such a great mom. She loves kids but there is already a special bond between her and that precious little angel. Laikynn is so lucky to have such amazing, caring, and loving parents to lead her through the world.

laikynn newborn (37 of 72)Bright eyed little mermaid, taking in the sun!laikynn newborn (64 of 72)-Edit Side note: my Best Friend, Paige, came to meet Laikynn, and to assist me at the shoot, so we grabbed Hurts Donuts on the way! I couldn’t help but snap a picture of all the deliciousness. If you haven’t tried one you MUST GO!!!!laikynn newborn (1 of 72)Also, watching this interaction was so much fun…Paige is great with kids but she is going to make an amazing mama one day 😉

I found myself teary eyed as I edited these pictures yesterday and smiled when I remembered the session. These are the emotion I like to get from my shoots, and I think this met that expectation!!!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this growing family, and thank you Izaiah and Kyndall for letting me capture Miss Laikynn and your family!



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