“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

– Desmond Tutu

maruska family-40

Meet the Maruskas…Silas, Allison, Joe and Nathan (left to right) I have known this family for quite some time. We met at church a long time ago and have stayed in contact ever since!

maruska family-6

Silas was a silly boy and we had some good laughs! He is a HUGE fan of comedy! He quoted a lot of Bill Engvall, and I actually knew some of the references! He warmed up right away and was super sweet the whole time.

maruska family-17

Nathan was a little more reserved than his brother, but what do you expect from a teenager. Despite his best effort to not enjoy the shoot, I had him laughing and cracking jokes by the end of it! Nathan is also very sweet and very well mannered!

maruska family-16

What two fantastic boys you have raised Joe and Allison!

maruska family-43.jpg

Joe and Allison have been married for 15 years and are just so cute! You can tell they have the marriage thing down. We all know marriages aren’t perfect, but these two compliment each other and have learned how to communicate over the years! It made for a super easy shoot with them. PROM POSE, ┬ábecause why not!! ­čśë

maruska family-38

For those who do not know, Allison is an author! If you are a reader at all you should check it out! At the shoot we threw in a few headshots for her book that is in the works! Her book info is here: https://allisonmaruska.com/my-books

maruska family-12

I had so much fun, and fox run park is always an amazing place to shoot at! There are so many options, and the sun always gives me great lighting, even through the hundreds of trees and amazing scenery!

maruska family-1Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this sweet family and for joining with me on my journey! I appreciate your constant love and recommendations! You are all the reason I get to do what I LOVE!