October 8, 2018

Bre and Jonathan- Maternity

“Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.”

eggehorn maternity 2018-36

Meet Jonathan and Bre! I have known Bre since High School. Even though we don’t see each other much, I love catching up when we get the chance! I was soooo excited to get a message from her asking my availability for a maternity session!

eggehorn maternity 2018-14

The session started out a little chilly but luckily the rain and wind held together long enough for us to get some awesome pictures!

eggehorn maternity 2018-7

As I started taking pictures I noticed that Jonathan was a little stiff and very serious, I said “Why so serious, this may be a little nerve-racking having a baby but I know how excited you are.” I was able to get some great shots of them and the interaction between them is pure love! I don’t know Jonathan that much but I do know that he is very sweet and is VERY excited to be a dad!

Both Bre and Jonathan are going to make amazing parents. They both are very hard workers but love unconditionally. As a parent you have to give so much of yourself that you come last but when I was talking about that Bre was actually so excited to have it be about their new little girl than about her. The selfless act of a mother who hasn’t even had her baby yet, how amazing is that?

eggehorn maternity 2018-28

This is the first part of a two part blog so make sure to catch the second part after little miss is born! I can not wait for that part either! I try to get my baby fix where I can (cuz after twins, we all know that I am done)!

eggehorn maternity 2018-19

I know how to work around the light and so I had picked a gorgeous bridge at Fox run and I wanted to get a picture of them with this adorable wood sign that Bre had made in front of them…it had been cloudy and perfect the whole time, but as we walked over to the spot, the sun came out and was blinding them…we walked a little bit more and got some other pictures, but it seemed like every time I wanted to get that one shot the sun would come out! ┬áIt made for some fun, fast photos, and blurring them in the background made for a super cute picture that the sun didn’t affect at all!

eggehorn maternity 2018-33

Can you believe she is 38 weeks along and only has 2 weeks till her due date? She is adorable!!! Her bump is so cute you wouldn’t even believe she was that far along!

eggehorn maternity 2018-8

The picture below was awesome…I was doing the traditional initials in focus and then have Bre and Jonathan out of focus…I got one and then luckily I caught this gem of Jonathan and then Bre’s expression! This is one of my favorites because it was so unexpected!

eggehorn maternity 2018-18

I am so exited to meet this baby girl and take pictures of all the love that is going to come out of this small little miracle!

eggehorn maternity 2018-4

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read about this adorable couple who is about to be among the lucky parents out there! Your lives will be changed forever…but in the best way EVER!!!





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