“Cheers to moms, military spouses, and cheap wine” – Jen with Grape Juice Mom

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Meet the woman behind the juice 🙂 This is Jen!

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Never heard of Grape Juice Mom? That’s alright because she just became active this week! Jen is an amazing mom of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a super sweet and supportive guy! She is an active duty officer in grad school for Statistics. Her husband just returned home from Afghanistan before their second daughter’s birth, but she felt something missing…what was it?

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Jen is just starting a blog and you will not want to miss it! Do you like wine? Are you an avid drinker or even just like learning about wine? Are you none of the above but just like listening to fellow mom and military wives talk about their passions? Are you a mom? Are you military? Do you like wine? I could go on and on but basically anyone will LOVE this blog!

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She and her husband love wine! Eventually they would love to open a wine bar, but in the mean time, why not talk and write about wine…all the ins and outs of it!

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It doesn’t matter if you are a white or red drinker! We are all equal here! 😉

“Grape Juice Mom LLC is a blog and social media company tailored towards the people I love drinking wine with the most: moms, working moms, military spouses, and anyone who loves affordable wine. When I say affordable, I mean less than $15 per bottle! Realistically, that is what I drink most, and I have found that there are some really great wines that are less than $15 a bottle.” To read more about Grape Juice Mom check out her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/grapejuicemom and her blog is here: https://grapejuicemom.com        Make sure to Subscribe!!!

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Not only will she talk about her favorite wines, but she will also drop in some statistics for you, because unlike me, she is a math geek! She loves anything to do with data and ratios so what better way to use those talents than on a drink that keeps moms sane the majority of the time?

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I am so excited to continue working with Jen on the journey of Grape Juice Mom, and explore and learn more about wine. Stay tuned for more about this fantastic and ambitious mama! Thanks for taking the time to read, and always coming back for more!