October 30, 2018

Field Family Fall Session- 2018

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” – Emily Bronte

Meet Rory, Brianna, Amelia, Paisley, and Daphne (Great Dane puppy). Fall is my absolute favorite season…pumpkin everything, crunching of the leaves beneath your feet, scarves, but most of all the colors! Colorado is a beautiful place during all of its seasons but I find that Fall is the prettiest.

This year fall came really fast and is going to be gone before we know it, so I was sure happy that the timing worked out just right to do the perfect fall session with this amazing family. I have had this family session booked for a while but we wanted to wait until the leaves change! Winter is fast approaching, and it’s gonna be a crazy one! I was so happy that the weather was gorgeous for us!

It took a little bit for the girls to warm up to me and trust me, but once they did they were a bunch of hams, and we’re all about the pictures!! I let them run around and asked where they wanted to shoot so it made it more fun for them, as opposed to me telling them what to do! I was able to get some fun pictures without them looking stiff 🙂 They both were an absolute blast to work with! When they were together they would pose like they were best friends! Nothing is better than having a sister…especially so close in age!

Okay, so these shirts were hand knitted by a mutual friend of Brianna and mine, Denise! SAY WHAT??? Yeah, we have super talented friends. There was, however, an outfit disaster. When Brianna went to Denise’s house the day of the shoot, before lunch, they realized that one of the shirts was WAY too big…not like we can clothespin it too big, but like swimming in it too big. So Denise says ” Well I have a few hours so let me make a new one,” and whips it out in 5 hours!!! WHAT??? They are awesome, and looked absolutely adorable on the girls!

Amelia is 6, making her the oldest of the two. She tried showing me a little attitude but it was all show. She was a great listener! When I gave her the option of where to go next or what to do, she began to trust me a little more, and was having a blast by the end of the shoot!

This is little Paisley and she is 4. Oh man, this one is adorable and she knows it! She has this thing where she thinks its funny/cute to stick out her tongue…I found myself saying “Paisley put your tongue back in your mouth,” quite a bit, but then again, all kids have little things that they love to do like that. At the end of the shoot, I had her give me a fun picture with her tongue out and she loved it, and so did mom!

Rory and Brianna have been married for 8 years…I always smile when I hear of couples who are still together after so many years because marriage is hard, but these two are still happy and in love! Through having two kiddos, and everyday life they make it work, better than most! I loved watching them interact with each other, and the girls during the shoot. They are a true inspiration!

I LOVE meeting new people and having the opportunity to capture special moments in their lives. This family is special and I can’t wait for our next shoot together!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the newest family to get in front of my camera! They were such a blast! I hope, someday, to capture your family as well! Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


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