“I regret taking such good care of my skin” – said no one EVER

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Meet Giseleine.

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Can I just say that this lady right here is one of the most sweet and soft spoken people I have met! Everything about her screams love and care. It only fits that she is an estatitian…taking care of people skin…which is the biggest organ on your body (did that make me sound smart?) LOL

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As I walked into the salon, she asked me what size shoe I wore…which at first I thought was odd but was given some of the most comfy shoes ever! They keep all different sizes and they keep the salon nice and clean and doesn’t track in unnecessary dirt!!!

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She offered me tea and I liked how it was all set up! Very clean and neat…my kind of salon 😉

If you have never had a facial or any type of treatment, Giseleine is your girl! She not only has some great services but she uses VERY good and natural products. You don’t go away feeling like you have a ton of stuff caked on you face, but you feel renewed! I am so excited for my facial next week!!! YAY!!!! Relaxation station here I come.

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Your Bliss Skin & Body Care is your headquarters for custom skin and self-care treatments. Our goal is to bring a little slice of bliss to every service you receive while making your life a little simpler. Your self-care menu includes facials, body treatments, micro current, lash lifts, lash & brow tinting, sugaring hair removal, and yoga. Put your best self forward with Your Bliss Skin & Body Care.
“I honestly love every service that I offer, which makes it tricky to choose a favorite. By the end of almost any service, my clients feel refreshed and, in the words of a few, “a little more like [themselves]”. Those feelings are exactly why I do what I do. Not only is it a feeling that I enjoy myself, it’s also a feeling that I’ve aimed to bring my clients since I was an esthetics student. It’s an honor to bring a little bit of peace to someone’s life while also helping them put their best selves forward.”
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If you would like to learn more about his amazing lady check out her website: https://yourbliss-skin.com/menu!
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I absolutely love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and helping them with their branding and showing off what they do and what they love! Thank you fo retaking the time to learn a little amor about this amazing lady…if you are in need of a good facial make sure to give her a call!