December 30, 2018

Carroll Family

“There is no place like home for the holidays.”

Meet the Carroll family!

The holidays are always the best time to get Christmas photos taken. Everyone is together if you’re lucky there is snow on the ground, and people are all happier this time of year! This family is no different!

This is David and Nancy! I actually knew Nancy when I was in high school…obviously just a couple years ago;)… okay okay a few more then that lol. We used to sing in a chorus together! She is one of the most genuine, sweet people I have met, and it made me so happy to see her, and her beautiful family, the other day!

Chad and his girlfriend, Jenny, live in Denver but with work, they don’t make it down very often. The funny part is I didn’t know that…the way Chad was acting, and remember, it was about 12 degrees outside, you would have thought he was from Florida or somewhere with no cold ever! Jenny was super quiet but very sweet! She is originally from Seattle…which I would love to visit someday!

This family here is Ryan, Sherry, Coan, and Oliver. They live in Texas, so it was a nice treat, for David and Nancy, to have them in town! The boys did such a great job, considering how cold it was. Towards the end when we were at the overlook, which is absolutely stunning, Oliver’s hands were getting so cold that he was almost in tears…poor thing! Luckily, I was able to sympathize with him, since I also did not bring any gloves. That made it a little difficult to push down the shutter as fast as I wanted to, but I like to think that helped Oliver push through=)

I hope you all are surrounded by love this holiday season! Merry Christmas everyone, and cheers to a safe, and wonderful New Year!

Love Always,

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