“I love going home for the holidays and spending time with people who have no choice but to love me”

braaten family- 2018-9

Meet the Braaten Family! The snow was absolutely gorgeous and made for a beautiful background! Colorado’s weather is so sporadic even the weather app can’t help you. This day was no different! The night before it was cold and then we woke up to this super fluffy snow fall the next morning. I could not have planned it better 😉

braaten family- 2018-1

This is Rob and Kelly. They are the makers of all these pretty people you are going to meet! They are so much fun and set the tone for how loving this family is!

braaten family- 2018-58braaten family- 2018-57.jpg

Next, is Jami and her husband, Robbie. Jami is Rob and Kelly’ s oldest, and only, daughter! These two are hilarious together…just look at that last picture!! Best one yet!


braaten family- 2018-16.jpg

This good looking set of kids belong to Robbie and Jami! There is Jayci, Alex, Gracelyn and Jack.

This is Tyler and his wife, Jessica. Aren’t their dogs, Gracie and Charli absolutely adorable? These pups did great! It’s always funny to me because kids normally behave better than pets, but you wouldn’t know it! Crazy huh?

braaten family- 2018-61

Alright, funny story about this pose above, that I put Tyler and Jessica in…it had snowed, obviously,  so we kept joking about falling and sliding and there were a few close calls. Well as Jami and Robbie were taking the kids back to the car to warm up I moved the bench for Jessica to sit on and told her what to do and then proceeded to put my knee down on the unsteady bench and fell on my butt. I have to laugh because the whole time I thought it would be one of them and low and behold it was me! We all had a good laugh and don’t worry I was sore but my camera was fine!

braaten family- 2018-69

This handsome guy is their youngest son, Nicholas, but he goes by Nic! He was just as silly with a great sense of humor but not as outspoken as his sister…though his wit was right on with come backs through out the shoot!

braaten family- 2018-22

The epic “Jami sandwich”, which I guess it something these three have done since they were little! I love it and am glad they continue to do it…I can imagine them super old and still recreating this picture!

Here are just a few more for your viewing pleasure that I love!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a safe New Years! I cant wait to get back in the swing of things after the craziness of the holidays!

Love Always,