“Food, music and love are the ingredients that bind us together!”

Elizabeth reached out to me about a dinner that her family does when the whole family is in town…it is a spaghetti dinner and they hadn’t had pictures done in a while. It took place at her parents’ house in the Springs and when I walked into the house, I could smell the sauce cooking….mmmm! During the day we did a ton of pictures of all different people together. Not having family pictures is a big thing for me…even from month to month, people change and situations change! Getting pictures in certain times of your life means more to you at a later time when a picture says a thousand words!

This is Elizabeth and Kim! They have been married for almost a year! They are adorable together and you can tell they truly love each other, which is sometimes hard to find but they did! I loved watching them interact! 🙂

Meet Garek, Elizabeth’s son, and his girlfriend, Beverly. They live in Connecticut and he is in the Navy, so Elizabeth will see him a few times one year and then not for a while the next year, I am sure those of you who are military totally get that! It was a nice change to have him home though and gave them a chance to do their dinner together!

Meet Lexi and Arley! Lexi is Elizabeth’s daughter which makes Arley her grandson. Oh my goodness was he a ham!! He would give me a great smile one second and the next, he would be making faces at me! I always love taking pictures of kids because they are so goofy and don’t care about silly faces as adults do. Lexi is married but her husband is a barber and had to work that day and sadly my magic stops at photoshopping people into pictures 😉

Meet Elizabeth’s mom, Jackie, and dad, Mike. These two were beyond sweet and just so welcoming when I stepped foot in their house. What an amazing family they helped raise. They were super cute interacting with each other also and you can tell that even after being married for over 50 years they look at each other with such love and respect. I only hope that Caleb and I are like that when we are together that long!

Wilma is the young lady in the red and she was very soft-spoken while I was there. Elizabeth’s Aunt, who is in the teal and navy blue, was super sweet and filled with love and joy. You could tell in her eyes that she is very kind hearted! I love meeting new people and seeing how everyone reaches to each other and peoples personalities! No two people are the same and I LOVE it!

Meet Brian and Lisa, and their kids, Jessie and Justin. Both Jessie and Justin wear glares but they are transition glasses so it made it hard to get pictures in the sun because you couldn’t see their eyes. I think they look beautiful either way but most of the pictures we took were with their glasses off…this is one of the ones with how they look every day…in their glasses!

It was so much fun seeing all the generations of the family and how everyone was with each other! Here are a few more pictures I love!

Thanks so much for reading about this family and the spaghetti and family that brings them together! Look forward to chatting with you all again soon!

Love Always,