January 7, 2019

Aundrea + Geoff. 11-25-18

“I believe in marriage, I believe in commitment, I believe in love, togetherness, and family.”

Meet Aundrea and Geoff! This couple is so cute and already so established in their relationship that they decided to take the final plunge and get married! YAY!!!! Such a great, and THE BEST way to celebrate, right?

They have an adorable little girl, Luna, she was so much fun to watch!

They decided to get married at Wedgewood Weddings in Black Forest! I had never been to this venue and it did NOT disappoint! It was very simple and it offers a breath of fresh forest air among the swirl of the city’s action. This venue offers breathtaking views, crystal chandeliers, and the outdoorsy culture of your Colorado roots. Sunshine or snowfall, this venue radiates charming beauty, making it the perfect location for your nuptials. It was snowy the day we were there and extremely cold, but gorgeous…I can’t wait to be there in April for another wedding 🙂 If you know anyone looking for a venue, have them check out Wedgewood! https://www.wedgewoodweddings.com/venues/colorado/black-forest

My favorite part of weddings, to capture, are all the details and candid photos! They are the things that tend to get forgotten after a few years, so they usually end up being the best pictures!  I look back at my wedding pictures and I remember the big things but the details get fuzzy, so having pictures of the little things is a huge deal for me! Aundreas’ mom and sister were such a big help and were great at tracking the stress off of Aundrea…it was nice to see what a great relationship they all have!

What a beautiful bride…just stunning!

I love the look on his face after seeing his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress! I live for these moments!

Both Aundrea and Geoff had written each other notes before the ceremony got started. We went into the reception area and I let them hand each other their note (with Geoff facing the other way of course) so they could read them together,  without revealing what Aundrea looked like! It was so special to capture this moment, and to see them read the cards and be able to connect beforehand!

The ceremony was simple and the venue had a perfect space for it! Everyone fit comfortably and there was beautiful lighting despite it being dark outside!

Best cake topper ever! IN LOVE WITH THIS! The cake was gorgeous as well.

The reception is always a blast, especially when you have awesome dancers…I have never or will ever be a good dancer which is why I always find a way to not be on the dance floor..as far as Geoffs dad, Clint and his siblings…they spent the majority of the reception on the dance floor, and I loved watching them dance their hearts out!

Here is Geoffs’ mom, Retha, giving little Luna some sugar…always a good plan as a grandma. You can”t get in trouble, right? Here are just a few more of some of the fun that went on:


Thank you for always coming back and catching up on my most recent shoots! As always, I hope to work with you soon! I had a blast with this wedding! I am so lucky to be able to meet so many different people!

Love Always,


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