Meet BarbieĀ® and KenĀ®

In honor of National BarbieĀ® Day, I give you,Ā the couple of the week. Iā€™ve come to believe I am the luckiest photographer. I met BarbieĀ® at Walmart the other day. Her hair was something to envy. It was so long, and the color was just spectacular. KenĀ® was just past her in the same aisle, and I looked at both of them. They just fit so perfectly together! The session started a little awkwardly, and they were super stiff.

When I am editing, I always take out pictures because the subjects move or blink, but that was actually not the issue with these two. They were amazing to pose, and I was able to catch their eyes open the entire time I was shooting. Yeah, they were a little stiff, and sometimes they would fall over as if drunk, but I figured that was just how they were together.

The snow was incredibly deep this day because we had a good 8 to 10 inches the day before. It made for some gorgeous scenery, but it was chilly. It amazed me that I didn’t capture either KenĀ® or BarbieĀ® with shivers, even though they were dressed like it was summer. Wow! I was in a coat and a long sleeve sweater with bootsā€¦I felt like such a wimp.

Thank you for allowing me to take your pictures BarbieĀ® and KenĀ®; I predict happiness in my basement living in my daughtersā€™ BarbieĀ® DreamhouseĀ® after your upcoming wedding this summer…stay tuned for that in the coming months!

Mandy Penn