March 13, 2019

Luca- 6 months

“The most precious jewels you will have around your neck are the arms of your children.”

Wow, this little boy is growing so fast! I worked with his mama, Kennedy, on her senior pictures last year, and then at Christmas, he came and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus in our studio, and now he is 6 months old! How did that happen??? 

I could not be more pleased with these pictures…Luca was in the best mood, and he gave me SOOOO many smiles. Working with kids especially under the age of 4 can be difficult. You have to work with their moods and sometimes they just don’t want to smile. Luca showed up ready to smile. He had a great nap before our shoot, and he was ready to go! We used TONS of super cute baskets and chairs to prop him up since he is not sitting up by himself yet. I love props! Marcie, his grandma, had a fantastic suggestion of working with a mirror, and I knew it would be a cute idea. WOW, he had so much fun, and I was able to catch tons of expressions of him looking at himself in the mirror. I fondly remember when my kiddos were that age, and we would always stop at mirrors. They would make some of the cutest faces. Thank you, Kennedy and Marcie, for trusting me with these precious times and memories in your family’s life.


Mandy Penn

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