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“They will outgrow your lap, but NEVER your heart.”

Well, these kids were just the cutest. Meet the Rickarts family- Jameson and Michelle, and their adorable blondies, Piper and Pierce. When we got there, I introduced myself and started to interact with the kids- we decided to start near where we parked at Garden of the Gods, but we had to go through the lot to get to the spot. I called for the kids to come and they both ran up and held my hands- my heart melted into a puddle in that parking lot!

They were so sweet and warmed up right away.I try to be interactive and funny with kids- it really just helps to make the whole session run a lot smoother. Piper was a star and would strike a bunch of poses for me- at one point I told her to put her hand on her hip and she owned that pose LOL. Pierce, even though he was quiet, gave me some good smiles and didn’t cry, so I count that as a win! Jameson and Michelle have such a loving and positive parenting style. They didn’t let the kids walk all over them, but they also let them have their freedom. I always give the kids options of what they want to do, so it is their idea- and kids LOVE having a say in things- especially things they aren’t super excited about, to begin with. All in all, this family was so sweet and caring. I had so much fun with them and can’t wait for our next session. Thank you, Jameson and Michelle, for allowing me to witness an hour in the life of the Broyhill family. You are truly amazing parents and your kids are so precious!


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