August 2, 2019

Sincerely Danielle Shunk

So this shoot was a priority shoot so I had less than 36 hours to get pictures edited and completed due to a deadline for …wait for it…a MAGAZINE!! Yeah, this girl right here is being featured in the Voyage Denver magazine under the Denver’s most inspiring stories section and wanted some good pictures! Well, I delivered and when the magazine comes out I’ll let you know! Until then, these pictures will have to suffice! 

Sincerely Danielle Shunk is a business that specializes in custom refinishing and upholstery. Restoring in an unconventional way. Customizing your home to fit your personality. Who you are. White cabinets, iridescent pianos, happy chairs, glitter walls! She is your girl!! 

I asked her what she loved and this is what she said “ I am Infatuated with fashion! My heel collection could put my son through school! I’m a Washington state girl at heart and I love a black cup of joe!

I met Danielle because she did some BOMB glittery purple cabinets for me in my studio and I loved the product and how she ran her business! She is truly an inspiration and is the perfect person to get a spot in that magazine! Her work speaks for itself and is just magnificent! 

I showed up to the house for the first pictures and one of the first things out of Danielle’s mouth was “well I hope we get a few shots cuz I am not photogenic at all”. Even though this is a common statement and most people actually believe it, it’s not always true, if you are having fun and comfortable, the pictures speak for themselves! When I showed her the first picture, of her looking at the camera, she almost died! She was stunned and didn’t believe it was her and how amazing she looked! It made my heart happy to see how much she loved just that one image and the rest of the shoot was just the same! It was filled with all the jokes and TONS of laughing!

The third type of pictures she had her friend, who is a gifted artist, Michelle, came over and splattered paint on her face to make it look perfect. Well, Michelle did not disappoint and the result is in the pictures! This was one of the most fun shoots I have done and not only cuz of the people but Danielle’s creativity and passion just shines through her work and her personality! If you haven’t checked out her stuff you MUST! 

Thank you, Danielle, for trusting me and for allowing my creativity to help you as well! I had a blast! 

Love Always,

I KNOW, RIGHT!!!! Best letterboard!


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