August 8, 2019

Nikki + Steven- Engagement

These two were so much fun! I knew Nikki back in high school and so when she reached out to me (a referral from a fellow photographer) I was so excited!

They are getting married in October and it is coming up so fast! Nikki and Steven have such a great sense of humor and we had so much fun…I CAN NOT wait until their wedding. They are getting married at Cliff House and it is going to be gorgeous!

Steven at one point quoted Friends, for some reason people like that show, (who would have thought 😉 ) lol I mean it’s only THE BEST show ever! We continued with FRIENDS quotes and I actually had them kiss like the episode where Joey is learning from a fellow actress about kissing but to make sure they cover the other persons face so that they are seen more- EPIC! Also, I laughed….for quite a while. These two are so sweet together and you can tell how much they love and care for each other! This is what being together and getting married is about. A constant strive to be better for the person you love and to continue to grow together. 

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  1. Miranda Meggs says:

    These are really awesome!!! Thanks for the glimpse of what will be a beautiful marriage!!!!

  2. Dana Miller says:

    Love your photos!! You both look so happy!!

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