October 22, 2019

Jennifer- Class of 2020

Ladies and gents, meet Jennifer. She is a Senior at Pine Creek High School and is just stunning! We went to Monument Valley Park- a favorite of mine lately, if you didn’t know. The park has so many different backdrops, that it is not to be missed!

Jennifer is super sweet and uber-talented! She plays the flute and saxophone and as we took pictures I asked her to play a little bit because it’s so much better to capture her actually playing than pretending LOL. So, lucky for me, I got to hear some of her amazing musical abilities, and she is awesome! I’ve tried to play the flute before, and it was not so pretty- just ask my mom during practice!!! Jennifer, on the other hand, looks like a natural and LOVES it- I asked her what she liked playing better and she said saxophone. How bad a%* is that guys?

Jennifer loves her some Dutch Bros, so we had to make a pit stop and grab some caffeine- truthfully, I made it seem like it was her idea, but it was mine ;p – plus, who can say no to Dutch Bros? If you haven’t tasted the gloriousness that is Dutch Bros, you are missing out.

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for allowing me to spend some time with you and take pictures of the things you love! You are going to do great things and are such a beautiful girl! Good luck in college, sweetheart!

I’ll Be There For You,

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