November 28, 2019

The Manning Family- CRUSH WALLS 2019

Berni and Graeme’s sons, Liam and Stewart, are just awesome, and we had a LOT of laughs during the session!

What a gorgeous shoot! The murals here made for stunning backdrops for the session. What was even more amazing was the way Liam and his boyfriend, Kevin, lit up the backgrounds and made these pictures even more stunning! These two make the cutest couple and have such a beautiful, loving relationship. Their interactions were so natural, which makes my job that much easier, and it was such a joy to see them together in this setting.

Mattie, an exchange student from Ecuador, was super quiet, but extremely sweet. He was able to come along, and so we were able to get some awesome pictures with everyone together. People like these ones are why I do what I do! Thank you for that opportunity and for putting your trust in me! These are by far some of my favorite images- the artwork is just hands-down breathtaking! It makes these images pop that much more, don’t you think?

Here are a few of the artists, of some of the artwork, that we shot with: @caseykawaguchi, Thomas Evans (@detour303), ESIC  (@esic), Pharaoh One(@pher01), Bild (, UC Sepia (@ozjuahsepia), Art by Hollis+Lana (@hollislana) MPEK, Brian Scott Hampton, Eric Karbeling/ Rumtum (@ericarbeling).

If you want to check out more of this unbelievable art, go to the website in RiNo!

I’ll Be There For You,



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  1. Bernadine Manning

    December 5th, 2019 at 2:04 am

    THANK YOU Mandy for making it easy to work with you. We are amazed and grateful for these beautiful pictures! We truly LOVE them and have had so so so many compliments! Thanks again!

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