December 15, 2019

Proposal On the Ice…Coady and Jessye

Well, if this wasn’t the cutest thing I have gotten to shoot, I don’t know what is! Coady’s aunt Tasha was in search of a photographer last minute and I was available, so we chatted and she informed me that both Coady and his girlfriend’s family was all out of town, and they were so bummed that they couldn’t be there for the proposal- which was decided only days before. So they hired me to capture it! YAY!!! Coady’s family lives in Arkansas and most of Jessye’s family lives in Texas, so having this monumental moment captured meant the world to not only Coady and Jessye, but their families as well!

Obviously, Jessye had NO IDEA this was taking place, so I placed paparazzi at the Acacia Park Skating Rink. I made friends with a few people and told them what was going on so that if I needed to, I could take pictures of them so Jessye didn’t think I was super creepy…LOL! Well, needless to say, it worked, because she was clueless.

They came in and it took a few times for Jessye to even let go of the railing, so the plan of getting them in the middle of the ice was a little harder than we anticipated. I loved watching them laugh and chat as they skated around the outside of the rink. Their interaction was adorable to capture, but even cuter to watch! When Jessye got brave enough to trust Coady, they skated towards the middle of the rink. At that point, people started slowing down around them, which made for some great shots of just the two of them out there. When Coady reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring, the excitement and shock on Jessye’s face was pure magic. After she said yes and he put the ring on her finger, everyone that was there clapped and yelled! After that, I introduced myself and we took a few other pictures of the two of them. I find myself truly blessed and lucky to be able to capture such pivotal moments in people’s lives… Thank you for trusting me, Tasha and Coady!

Random note- Jessye is an actress and is in the production of “The Sound of Music” at the Fine Arts Center- which is one of the pictures you can see a banner of on the rink- here is more info:

I’ll Be There For You,

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  1. Katie Lowe

    December 19th, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! These are absolutely perfect, thank you for capturing this special night!!

  2. Mandy Penn

    December 19th, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    You are too sweet! Thanks for your kind words!!

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