March 18, 2020

Mary got Jacked and Jack got Maryed

This wedding was SO much fun. Mary and Jack are a super fun couple that just wanted to enjoy their wedding and have everyone involved in every aspect of it. 

This was both Jack and Mary’s second wedding and they wanted to involve all of their kids in one aspect or another. Lizzie and Xander (Mary’s kids) were the flower girl and ring bearer. Lexi, Haley, Anna, Jill, Storrie Armstrong, Amaya Click, and Ben Wegert all helped officiate the wedding. Alongside their kids, other adorable ring bearers and flower girls, who are also a part of their family, helped make the wedding extra special.

Mary, the bride, was absolutely gorgeous and stress-free, or at least she made it look that way. Jack got to the ceremony spot to find he did not have his pants there- so he left with his groomsmen and went home to find the missing pants. Is it even a wedding if someone doesn’t forget anything?

We went to Monument Valley Park to take pictures and, even though it was chilly, the weather was much warmer than it had been the previous few days before.

Mark and Jack had decided to do a first look. For those who don’t know what that is, it is where the bride and groom share a special moment before the ceremony where they get to see each other in private and chat a bit before the chaos begins. It helps to calm a lot of people’s nerves and really can help make the wedding run much smoother because you do ALL the pictures beforehand and not right after the ceremony. I just loved the way he looked at her when he turned around. It was such a beautiful moment between them and I’m honored to have been able to capture it. 

The ceremony and reception were both held at The Elks Lodge on Nevada Ave. and it ended up being a great venue! I hope to do more weddings there in the future. 

One of the most special moments during the ceremony was when Mary had a puzzle made by her mom Robin. Each of their kids had an envelope with a piece of the puzzle in it and they each got to put their piece into the puzzle during the ceremony. It made for a super cute moment as well as something they can keep forever. 

The ceremony was immediately turned into a dance floor and there was a lot of room for the reception. One of my favorite parts of their reception was the fact that they had Chik-fil-a and Outback Steakhouse catering. Yummm! As well, the photo booth was an absolute hit and helped make the reception so much fun.

I always enjoy these types of weddings- the ones where everyone is just there to enjoy each other’s company, it seemed less uptight and so much more relaxed because everyone was there to celebrate and just have a blast. THIS my friends is what marriage is all about. I can think of no one better than Mary and Jack who truly portray this sense of enjoyment and appreciation, and the love between them continues to build that bond even more. 

Congratulations to you both and to your families! May the coming years be everything you hope for and so much MORE. 

(Also #marygotjacked and #jackgotmaryed were their hashtags for the wedding and they are just perfect don’t you think?)

I’ll be There For You,

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