March 24, 2020

Do my FRIENDS know me??? I THINK SO….

About a month ago, I turned 24 (give or take 10 years-ish) and my amazing FRIENDS (no pun intended) decided to throw me a BOMB-DOT-COM surprise FRIENDS inspired birthday party! SAY WHAT?!


Yeah… So, if you have seen the recent insane response to my Friends themed newborn photos that are everywhere, that was me taking my client’s idea WAY past the line. I was so far past the line, I couldn’t see the line…the line was a dot to me!! In fact, what line?

Anyway, I figured why not follow up on all of the Friends fun and show you what my awesome friends did for me! Ask your friends to do the same… you will be so happy you did! OR throw yourself a FRIENDS inspired party because, WHY NOT???


I’ll be There For You,

Mandy Penn Photography- FRIENDS THEMED PARTY      


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