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Lauri + Lazlo Engagement

“Everything I’ve never done, I want to do with you”

Their love is so real and unjudging. They love inspite of their differences.IMG_4485

Meet Lauri and Lazlo! These two are the essence of love. I had such a blast at their engagement session,  on Wednesday, at The Denver Botanical Gardens. 


We all drove up together, parked about 5-6 blocks away and noticed a sign that said garden closed for event. We thought well let’s just go check and see what’s going on and if we can go in for even just a little bit. We walked up to the entrance and saw there was a concert…uggg. I made light of it and said there were tons of flowers and spots around that would still be gorgeous. So we sat outside the entrance and I took a few pictures in front of some bright colored flowers. As we started to make our way back to the car I heard someone asking people if they needed tickets for the concert, who was Bruce Jornsby and The Noisemakers. We were going to have to pay to get into the Garden anyway so what’s the harm in seeing how much the tickets cost. So I suggested to Lazlo that we just ask how much they are selling them for. The guy informed us that he would let them go for $67 a piece…umm sorry too rich for our blood but thanks for the offer. He then proceeded and asked how much we would be willing to pay. Lazlo, being the bartering beast he is, said no more than $20 since we were not actually there for the concert, and we were only planning on paying $12.50 for an entrance fee. The guy paused and then decided he could do that. We didn’t argue! We paid him and took the tickets to the front…skeptical at first, since I’ve never bought tickets for something outside of the event, my heart was pounding, and you could see that Lauri was a little worried also. They scanned our tickets and told us to enjoy the show!! Crisis averted!! Yay!! So all that to say we made it in and wow was it worth it. 


The chemistry between Lauri and Lazlo is amazing. They settled super fast in front of my camera and made my job super easy. 


I would place them in a spot and tell them to talk about something or give them a small cue and then it would turn into something else, which is where the real magic began. 


Lazlos’ sense of humor is different but I laughed so much at this shoot. His one liners got me the most…we were by grape vines and he looked at me and went “Grape expectations” and for some reason I bursted into laughter. He was so much fun and as Lauri giggled you could tell she had become used to his sense of humor. 

They really are so cute, and they compliment each other so well. The emotions in the pictures are just the start of how they feel about each other. As you can see, the emotions range from serious and intense to easy going and goofy, from mellow to passionate and everything in between! 

I asked them to dance a few different times since Lauri is a dancer, and it always seems to loosen people up. You can tell that this made for some pretty amazing pictures!

I just can not get enough of them! IMG_4448

Even though we weren’t anticipating music in the background, Bruce Hornsby and The Noismakers made for great ambiance, with the gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere. The weather could not have been more perfect either! All around it was an amazing evening and I could not be anymore blessed to have gotten a chance to take these pictures of such a special couple.



Mans for your enjoying pleasure a little more light hearted and more about some fun 😉


Thank you all so much for taking the time to embrace the gorgeous scenery and the captivating love of this couple! Hope to see you back soon!





Balcerovich/Merritt Family Session

“Time spent with family, is worth every second.”

This family is near and dear to my heart!

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (74 of 123)

I have known Kim since high school, which means I have known her family for quite some time! Jim and Connie got married when we were seniors and they are super cute together! Jim is such a jokester, and always lightens the mood! I could never be upset around him because he would always say something funny and it would immediately make me laugh. As long as I have known Kim, Jim has always treated me like a daughter! Unlike Jim, I have only recently gotten to know Connie as well. She has seen my kiddos grow up occasionally at different events. She is so kind and loving…Jim is a lucky man!

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (8 of 123)

Travis is Connie’s brother and is extremely nice! He made some super fun facial expressions and has the heart of a child. He is truly one in a million.


This cute little family has done lots of moving and is on their way back to Okinawa for another year. After that we will see where the military sends them next!


Kim and Jonny started dating when we were in highs school, and have now been together for 13 years! I have had the privilege to not only see them grow as a couple, but to see their little family grow as well!

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (82 of 123)


Grace is just adorable and has so much sass. She was awesome at helping me pick locations, when I would ask, and when I asked her what she wanted to do she always had the answer! She was like my little assistant. I might have to hire her to go on shoots with me!


This is one of my favorite pictures of the shoot! Grace was hiding her face, and counting in the background when I asked Jonny to kiss Kim… Grace is so adorable! Normally I will stage this but this was all Grace…it worked out perfectly, don’t you think?

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (115 of 123)

Grace loves her grandpa so much…its a shame they don’t more fun together!


Grace and her mama! Kim is so involved with Grace. Since she runs her own business and is a stay at home mom, it allows her to do some really awesome things with her. Grace is always experiencing new things and spends lots of time with her mama!


Jonny and Grace have such a great relationship and he loves her so much…Im worried for when she starts having crushes!!! Watch out…this military dad won’t put up with any heart breaks for his little girl!


Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments and interactions between your beautiful family…so happy you all are doing so well… keep loving and enjoying life!

Balcerovich-Merritt Family 2018 (107 of 123)Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to read about this family, who keeps it together through everything…just like you! Have a great day!







Carolyn + Matt Est. 2018

“May your life be full of love, and your love be full of life.”

Matt + Carolyn (25 of 28)

Meet Matt and Carolyn! This couple is just the cutest! They went simple and chic! They did almost everything themselves, with the help of some friends and family.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (117 of 166)

They got the flowers from Costco and they looked amazing. Matt’s mom, Cheryl, used to own a floral business so she had the flowers done perfectly!



I walked into the house on Friday for the ceremony which was only about a dozen people and consisted of only family, and the house smelled so good…there were flowers all over the place. Some were there for the ceremony, which took place in their backyard, and the others were there for the reception the next day!



The ceremony was so quick and easy going. Nathan, Carolyn’s brother officiated and said a few words and then they exchanged their vows. You can tell how much people love and care for each other when you listen to their vows. The vows tell you why they fell in love and what things are important to them in their relationship.



These two are a fun, caring and passionate couple.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (118 of 166)

The reception took place at The Barn in Evergreen Memorial Park. The Barn is absolutely gorgeous and has that amazing rustic feel!



I LOVE doing weddings that are simple, and this barn had such charm, with its surrounding farms and agriculture. The Barn is nestled in the mountains and surrounded by evergreens and wildlife…check it out here:! The entrance to the barn was so simple and elegant. Carolyn had lots of people helping set up all the tables and the flowers, which made it a quick and easy set-up!

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (267 of 99)

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (268 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (256 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (259 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (269 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (273 of 99)Her friend, Katie showed up with the cakes! Gorgeous much? Wow! Katie used to make cakes and had her own business doing it, why did she even stop? The cakes were the perfect accent to the already beautiful space. The cakes were white and they all had different flavors in each one, and she added some flowers to make them pop! Just look at them!!!



As people showed up they greated each other, and you could tell that everyone was so loving and happy for Matt and Carolyn. They are so lucky to have such loving friends to start this journey with them.



Congratulations again Matt and Carolyn. I wish you nothing but fun and love in this journey you have embarked on!!!

Matt + Carolyn (24 of 28)

Thank you for taking the time to read about this gorgeous couple and their special day! Stay tuned for more of people just like you doing life together.





Chelsey + Aaron Est. 2018

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up one each other.”

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (134 of 134)I had so much fun with this impromptu wedding. It was so simple and easy! Amber, one of Chelseys best friends reached out to me a few days before the wedding and asked if I was available to take pictures for Chelsey as a gift to her. I immediately checked my calendar and made it work! What a great gift to give someone! Chelsey had no idea I was going to be there. Monday morning I drove up to Denver and got there a little early so I was close enough to be at the courthouse when they got there.

As they walked up I hid “creepily” behind a tree near the entrance of the courthouse and started snapping pictures.


I guess Chelseys son, Layton, told her “that girl is taking pictures of us” and Chelsey told him “no honey she isn’t” as they walked up the stairs I put my camera down and reached out my hand and said “Hi Chelsey! I’m Mandy and I’m going to be your photographer today!” The look on her face was absolutely priceless. She had absolutely no idea I would be there so I think she was stunned!



We walked into the courthouse and we went up to where you get marriage licenses and sign all the documents needed. It only took about 20 minutes since the courthouse already had their license ready to be signed. They all signed it, turned it back in, and it was official!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures…Layton was able to sign as a witness to his Mom and Aaron’s marriage! How cool is that?

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (45 of 134)

After the certificate was turned back in we went outside to capture some…pretty amazing shots of these two…you might have seen them on the sneak peek but if you didn’t…ENJOY!!!

This dip is by far one of the best ones EVER!!! Good job you two!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (57 of 134)

After the courthouse, Chelsey wanted to go down to the river in Golden…WOW! It is so beautiful there. There was a super cute small wooden house before we walked down to the water… so OBVIOUSLY we had to stop and get some pics…LOVE this background!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (73 of 134)

Just a boy and his mama! They were so stinking cute!

We walked down to the water and found a super cute place to take some pictures…it was SUPER busy but luckily there was a great shady spot for some fun pictures!

How much can you love someone? Just look at these two!


You can see how much Layton adores Aaron and how Aaron treats Layton as a son. The bond between them is so sweet and look at how handsome they both are!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (112 of 134)

I wish you both nothing but the best and hope that your journey will continue to grow and mature. Keep communicating and there is nothing you can’t handle together. Congrats again Chelsey and Aaron!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (91 of 134)

Thanks again for taking the time to read about this beautiful couple and make sure to check back to read about more people just like you doing life together.




Kennedy Senior Portraits- Class of 2019

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.”

Kennedy Senior Portraits (3 of 101)

Meet Kennedy! She is 16 and is about to be a senior at her school! She is a part of a hip hop dance team and loves it! She is so full of love and life…she is a happy teenager with the world right at her feet.

Kennedy Senior Portraits (90 of 101)

She also is going to be a part of a mentorship program this year. She will be assigned a freshman student to mentor for the year. She will teach them all the ins and outs of high school, all about the school and be a great guide. High school can be super intimidating so to be able to have a mentor to help you adjust is a great idea! If I was a freshman I would LOVE to have Kennedy as a mentor!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (63 of 101)

Kennedy was so much fun to work with and we had such a blast… sometimes high schoolers take a little bit of time to warm up, and Kennedy was no different, BUT it didn’t take her long to come out of her shell. Her mom, Marcie, was with us at the shoot and that always seems to help especially when I need a good laugh out of her. I would ask Marcie for a good story and Kennedy would laugh and give her mom that look that teenagers give when they know what is coming next.

Kennedy Senior Portraits (81 of 101)

The bond between a mom and daughter is so strong with Kennedy and Marcie. I can’t imagine how hard it will be when Kennedy leaves for the Air Force. These two are so much fun together and the concern that Kennedy had when we were walking on unstable ground for her mom was just so sweet. They love each other so much and I only hope that when Makenna is a teenager she likes and loves me as much as Kennedy loves Marcie!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (87 of 101)

This girl has a lot of hopes, dreams and plans, which is more than I can say for me when I was that age! She is wanting to take the ASVAP testing for the military and go into the Air Force. She wants to pursue public relations with the Air Force…how awesome is that?

Kennedy Senior Portraits (97 of 101)

Could she be more beautiful??? JUST WOW!!!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (50 of 101)

Kennedy is full of personality and was so much fun to work with…the pictures speak for themselves but these are some fun ones that made me smile 🙂


Thank you for taking the time to read about this soon-to-be high school graduate. Stay tuned for more blogs about people just like you!!



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Happy 1st B-Day Sawyer and Raylan

“Double the giggles, double the grins, double the trouble, when you’re blessed with twins”

Twin are in deed lots of trouble. They get into mischief, they push each others buttons, but they also challenge each other. Twins are truly amazing. They know just how to love each other and are best friends.


I met Sara when a mutual friend reached out to me and informed me that Sara and Ronnie had just had their twins (boy/girl) at 29 weeks and 6 days. That was the exact time my kiddos came into the world…and at the same hospital no less. I reached out to Sara and scheduled a time to go see her, even though I hadn’t met her yet. Having a child that early let alone two is scary…no matter how healthy they might be. I stayed for about an hour and told them my kids’ story and what may or may not be in their future. Every child and circumstance is different.


Sawyer has had some issues with reflux, which is hard for Babros because it can result in either a lot of spitting up or a lot of pain, and in dashers case it is both. Did you know that Bananas have a lot of acid in them? I would have never known that! She is getting better day by day though. Raylan had issues with back strength for crawling but with therapy he overcame that obstacle! He is not as interested in solid food yet which will come with time. Despite the obstacles, these little ones overcame in the NICU they are so trough and are thriving!! 

Miss Sawyer was one of the happiest little girls in the world the day of the shoot. She would smile almost every time I talked to her. She got tired towards the end but just got super lovey and quiet. She was a little sassy for not even one. I can only imagine how that sass will get her in trouble when she gets older 😉 lol. Sara told me that she calls Sawyer soy sauce because she can be salty…cutest thing ever!!!

Mr. Raylan was a little harder to get to cooperate. He is a lot like my son, in that they are not happy if they are tired or hungry! You could tell that he was having a hard day, but despite the tears and sad faces the pictures still caught his little personality. You can see his tear filled eyes in some of the pictures and it just breaks your heart. Yes kids cry, but he was not happy that I wanted to take pictures of him! He is so handsome though don’t you think?

I have loved watching them grow and strive despite the difficulties they have had to endure over the past year! A lot of people don’t ever experience the NICU but it is a place that can be sad and lonely if you let it consume you. If you focus on the positives and small steps your children are making than you get through it much easier. This is, of course, easier said then done. The staff at St. Francis is phenomenal though, and they continue to love and care for premie babies…some of the same nurses that took care of my boy/girl 29 and 6 day twins are the same nurses that took care of Sara’s boy/girl 29 and 6 day twins. What a small world!


Ronnie got a job in Texas so we made time before they left to get some birthday and family pictures. We had the shoot scheduled at Rock Ledge Ranch and at one point we walked over to the field for some more pictures of just the kids and there were sheep in the field grazing, it was so cool! You can barely make them out in the background…I wish we could have gotten closer but I was not about to scare them OR the babies!


Look at that face! O.M.G. What a cutie patootie!


Thank you Sara and Ronnie for allowing me to capture these pictures…your children are truly amazing and I can see how much love you both have for them. They will only continue to grow and thrive in the environment you have provided them. You should be very proud of the parents you have become.


Happy 1st Birthday to Sawyer and Raylan! I only pray you continue to grow strong and become loving, compassionate kids.

Thank you as always for taking the time out of your busy day to read more about this amazing family and where life is taking them!

Love Always,


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Vintage Quartet

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

Meet Vintage! These lovely ladies are a barbershop quartet and not only do they love to sing but they are good at it. Vintage competed at regional contest this year and earned themselves a place at Sweet Adeliens international competition, this October, in St. Louis! It is a huge honor to compete at that level and they are going to rock that stage.

vintage quartet portraits (19 of 32)

This evening was actually the first time ALL four members were together and the first time they were able to sing together! This makes the fact that they are going to international even more impressive.

vintage quartet portraits (15 of 32)

Let’s meet the members of this amazing quartet!

vintage quartet portraits (4 of 32)
Meet Becky, the lead in the quartet. For those who don’t know, the lead is the melody in a quartet and is normally the melodic line of the song. Becky is what you would call a barbershop brat, meaning she was born to sing in Sweet Adelines. Her mom is a judge, director and everything in between for The Sweet Adelines organization and has been since she was pregnant with her. Becky is one of the most talented women I know. Not only does she have a full time job, as a social worker, but she is the assistant director for Skyline Chorus, in Denver, along side her mom. She has earned her place and actually just applied to the judging program, and got accepted! She also does learning tracks for the chorus and is branching out to other choruses and quartets within the organization! She sings Lead in Vintage, but in the chorus sings baritone, and tenor, depending on the song. Her drive and love for barbershop is evident and she is a great leader and educator.

vintage quartet portraits (6 of 32)

Meet Laura, she sings bass. Bass is the lowest part in barbershop and has to be prominent and on point! Laura is a fantastic bass and recently switched from baritone in the chorus. She is also a barbershop brat, so it was only a matter of time before she joined Sweet Adelines! She grew up around barbershop, and is now the 3rd generation, in her family, to join this hobby! Her mom and grandmother were Sweet Adelines, and her dad and grandfather’s were in the men’s society. Her dad is a two-time international quartet champion (Grandma’s Boys and Keepsake), and her brother sings with the Dapper Dans at Disney World, in Florida. Skyline is her first barbershop chorus! Laura is currently working as a project coordinator with Muller Engineering and volunteers with the Child Life department at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Something fun about Laura is that she worked on a cruise ship (Holland America Line) for 2 years as a sound technician. She was able to sail around the Baltic Sea in Europe, the Caribbean and Alaska.

vintage quartet portraits (7 of 32)

This is Lisa, she is the baritone in the quartet. Not sure what baritone is? Me either! Baritone makes no sense, unless you sing the part, except to fill in the cord. It’s an interesting and difficulty part to master. If you ever meet someone who sings baritone, ask them to sing their part alone and you will see what I mean. Lisa works as a career change coach, helping individuals transition from one career path to another one, that better fits them. She sang in both middle and high school choirs, and joined Sweet Adelines, back in Virginia, in 2013 with the Potomac Harmony Chorus. She then transferred to Vienna Falls chorus in 2015 and is now singing with Vintage! She is hoping to eventually join Skyline with the rest of the girls. She is located in Boulder but commutes to sing with the quartet. She is truly an amazing asset to this team!

vintage quartet portraits (9 of 32)

Meet the newest member of Vintage, Lizzie! Lizzie joined Vintage about a month ago due to the exit of Morgan, Vintage’s former tenor, who couldn’t compete at internationals because of work issues. Lizzie sings tenor, which is the highest part…much like 1st soprano, but more like the baritone, notes wise. I know it’s confusing! Lizzie started singing in Sweet Adelines in high school with her mom. She joined her first quartet at that time as well, called Little Women. After college, life swept her off on many other adventures. She lived and worked in New York City for a few years and from there started living and working on traditionally rigged sailboats as a cook. After years of sailing, traveling and cooking (and many other adventures!) She found her way to Boulder. “The best part of living in one place again is having the opportunity to sing again.” She joined Skyline Chorus earlier this year and from there got to sing with the ladies of Vintage! She does many part time jobs in Boulder, including catering, working as an Innkeeper at a local B&B, and teaching sewing classes. Fun Fact: last year she toured the US with a company called Outstanding In The Field and put on over 100 farm dinners in the course of 6 months. Wow!!

vintage quartet portraits (8 of 32).jpg

If you are interested in seeing them compete make sure to check out The Sweet Adelines website closer to October for the webcast link! You will not want to miss their debut on the international stage.

vintage quartet portraits (20 of 32)

Thanks for taking the time to check out these gorgeous ladies! Stay tuned for more fun this week on the blog!