October 28, 2019

Where do I even start? These two are some of my very favorite people! Alli was one of the most relaxed and sweetest brides I’ve ever worked with, and Jordan is so genuine and caring! They made the day go by seamlessly, even when things didn’t go exactly how they were planned (things not going […]

October 23, 2019

Well, this lady rocked her senior session! Victoria was so much fun to shoot with. She is a Senior at Doherty High School and is in Drama…and not just in Drama, but she got the lead in their upcoming musical, The Addams Family! GO TORI!!! She is so talented. A lot of seniors start out super […]

October 22, 2019

Ladies and gents, meet Jennifer. She is a Senior at Pine Creek High School and is just stunning! We went to Monument Valley Park- a favorite of mine lately, if you didn’t know. The park has so many different backdrops, that it is not to be missed! Jennifer is super sweet and uber-talented! She plays […]

October 12, 2019

Weddings are simply something that brings me absolute joy to be able to photograph and document for my clients. Moments, memories, loved ones…I love capturing someone’s day- the ins and outs of a couple’s wedding day. I love the details and all of the candids of people that I am able to capture- from the […]

October 12, 2019

Imagine you are sitting in a comfy chair, chatting with your best friend; your favorite drink and treat are brought to you. You feel comfortable and happy. The place smells of fresh coffee with hints of cinnamon. NO, this is not your house (I mean if it were you would be getting coffee yourself right?). […]

October 4, 2019

DESTINATION WEDDING WIN right here peeps! Kim and Howie live in Colorado Springs and wanted a photographer for their wedding but the Vegas ones were not exactly what they were looking for so they choose me and flew me to Vegas. Caleb came with me and we made a “vacation” out of it and the […]

September 27, 2019

Congrats to this amazing family. I was so happy when I got a message, from Kim, asking if I was available for family pictures because Jonny was coming home to meet his son. Asher was born a few weeks ago and if you are new to my blog- I was lucky enough to do his […]

September 3, 2019

Well, this shoot pulled at all of my emotions. The love between Bobbie and Chris is one that doesn’t give up, one that pushes through and is a love everyone should strive for. Marriage is hard- if anyone tells you otherwise, they have never been married. Marriage takes work and it takes two people willing […]

August 11, 2019

Meet the Sandstead family. I could not get enough of these four! They were so sweet, and little Jordan (age 2), was so full of energy! I went to middle school and high school with Matt, and was so excited to meet his wife, Christina. She is so sweet and just beautiful, inside and out. […]

August 9, 2019

You know you are doing something right when your kids are in your engagement pictures!! This family was fun, and everyone was a trooper! Thank god for multiple parks, because our initial shoot was at Fox Run, but it started to rain, so we changed it to Palmer Park. When I got there, it was […]

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