William- 2019 Senior

“This is the beginning of anything you can dream up.”

Claudia and William Session (22 of 91)Meet William. Claudia and William Session (45 of 91).jpg

Most shoots take a while to get going, but William was on a mission and I was not about to hold him back! He followed all my cues and we got his session done in a decent amount of time so he could go up to Estes to meet some friends for the rest of the weekend! Claudia and William Session (37 of 91)William was so nice! Even though he wanted to get going he was very sweet and never made me feel like I had to rush. The scenery is some of my favorite! We found a few different backgrounds in the front of Castlewood Canyon State Park that I hadn’t really seen before…who knew? lolClaudia and William Session (26 of 91)

Williams family was also there, along with his twin sister, Claudia, so we obviously had them jump in a few photos as well! These are my favorites:



Good luck on this new path you are about to head out on and always remember to be you and never stop believing that your dreams are worth fighting for. Congrats again William!Claudia and William Session (35 of 91)

Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day to read a little more about this sweet young man!!




Claudia- 2019 Senior

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

-Elenor Roosevelt

Claudia and William Session (58 of 91)

Meet Claudia!!!

Claudia and William Session (91 of 91)This past weekend I had the pleasure of capturing some pretty amazing photos of this beautiful girl (inside and out). We went to Castlewood Canyon State Park, and had so much fun! This place has become one of my absolute favorite spots to shoot at because of all the different back grounds it offers.

It’s always a little weird at the beginning of a shoot, especially if you have never met the person taking your photos, but after we started chatting and getting to know each other it went so smooth. Claudia loosened up quickly, whiched allowed us to laugh about things, and we ended up having a blast! Claudia and William Session (34 of 91)

Claudia is in an exciting time of her life! I wish her the best of luck as she finishes out her senior year of high school and moves onto college and beyond. Thank you for allowing me to take your photos!!Claudia and William Session (63 of 91)

During this session I was able to get a few picture of her with her family as well! Here are a few of those…if you can’t tell, her brother is actually her twin! Congrats both of you and good luck!

Claudia and William Session (31 of 91)Claudia and William Session (28 of 91)Claudia and William Session (18 of 91)Claudia and William Session (3 of 91)Thank you for taking the time to read about this young girl as she embarks on a new adventure in her life. Good luck Claudia! I wish you nothing but the best!




Maggie 2019 Senior

“What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”

maggie frye 2019 senior (36 of 67)

I love this quote so much! It always tugs at my heart strings. This quote reminds me of this gorgeous girl right here. She is loving and living life, to the fullest, and I can not wait to see where her journey takes her in the coming years.

maggie frye 2019 senior (20 of 67)

Meet Maggie. She was an absolute delight and we had so much fun. we ended up doing the whole senior session at Mark Ruiner Stables by Palmer Park. I had NO IDEA that was there and so close too! The views were absolutely gorgeous…as was my subject 😉

maggie frye 2019 senior (42 of 67)

Chili is one of the horses at the stables that Maggie works with a lot. She also gives private riding lessons there. Chili gave us some attitude this day but it made for some fun pictures (bloopers if I may) Maggie had just brushed him out and he was absolutely beautiful. I used to ride horses and so it brought back a ton of memories from girl scout camp.

Maggie and Chili had a great connection and it made for some amazing and beautiful pictures. This is Chili and he was almost as bad as a toddler for Miss Maggie hahaha, BUT these pictures are some of my favorite! Just look at how gorgeous she is!!

maggie frye 2019 senior (10 of 67)

The weather luckily held up while Chili was out, but about 45 minutes into our session the clouds to open up, and it started to rain on us. Luckily for us it rained and we had some time to wait for Logan, Maggies boyfriend of almost 2 years. She hopped in some of his senior shots so we were hoping he could hop into a few of hers. As soon as he showed up, we were able to get some cute pictures before the downpour happened! Check out some of my favs of them:

Maggie goes to Doherty High School and is extremely talented when it comes to tennis! She is very excited to start a new journey in college and hopefully become a large animal vet. We chatted while it was raining about what she wants to do when she goes to college and she expanded on the vet program and said she would love to get into acupuncture and chiropractic care for horses. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I am a huge advocate for chiropractic and accupuncture care, so I was so excited to hear more about what she is hoping to do. I never was that excited about what I wanted to do when I was in high school…I was lucky enough to get up and go to school in the morning.

maggie frye 2019 senior (48 of 67)

maggie frye 2019 senior (46 of 67)

This girl is a true role model and is going to go out and make the world a better place!!

maggie frye 2019 senior (33 of 67)Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Miss Maggie and the life ahead of her. She is truly an inspiration! I am so lucky that I get to meet such amazing people while also doing what I love to do!





Lauryn 2019 Senior

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.”         -Dr. Suess

Lauryn Senior (19 of 183)

Meet Lauryn…love the way she spells her name by the way! She is a senior and is full of life. As if she wasn’t gorgeous enough, this girl has such a genuine personally, and is super funny! We laughed a lot at her session.

Lauryn Senior (63 of 183)

Lauryn is so adorable and has a great personality. She was willing to try anything and was lots of fun to work with!

Lauryn Senior (38 of 183)

We ended up going to Castlewood State Park because I am obsessed with the scenery…it is so beautiful, and has a ton of different places to shoot at!!!

Lauryn Senior (106 of 183)

I met Lauryn’s mom, Deb, while working for a girl named Lauri, with Local Motion Productions. Lauri hired me for some events, where she does video and action photos for her clients. Deb and I worked in the same rink, her on video and me on action photos! We instantly got along, and I was able to meet her gorgeous daughter a few months later.

Lauryn Senior (180 of 183)

What made this shoot even more fun was having Lauri shoot footage of me, for a promo video, while I was taking pictures and interacting with Lauryn. Lauri is with Local Motion Productions ( and is putting together a promotional video for me. Who better to be my subject than Lauryn! Having Lauri there made for an exciting dynamic and was super enjoyable, especially since she was able to capture all the fun we were having! If you are in need of video, Lauri is your girl. She is amazing, and I can’t wait for the final product. Stay tune for that later this month!

Lauryn Senior (131 of 183)

Lauryn was so loving and very humble. Every time she did something and I gave her a compliment she would giggle and just shyly say thanks. She is truly an amazing girl and is going to go places.

Here are a few of my favorite shot of this gorgeous gal!

Lauryn Senior (160 of 183)Lauryn Senior (6 of 183)Lauryn Senior (167 of 183)

I had her give me some fun faces and some serious faces. I liked her serious faces because they eventually turned into laughing with a genuine smile. I find myself drawn to the less posed and more candid photos…they always seem to be the best.

Lauryn Senior (30 of 183)

Thanks so much for taking the time to see the beginning of Lauryn’s journey. Stay tuned for the next blog!




Carson- 2019 Senior

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” C.S. Lewis

carson senior 2019 (10 of 52).jpg

Meet Carson. This handsome young man is going into his senior year of high school. I am always excited to do shoots with seniors because they are so full of life!

carson senior 2019 (37 of 52)

He was so sweet and soft spoken. He listened to everything I told him to do and by the end he had loosened up a lot!!

carson senior 2019 (45 of 52)

Carson is wanting to go to college for business, and wants to minor in music technology! I love that! Anything music is amazing and majoring in business will open a lot of doors for him.

Good luck Carson! I know you will thrive in college, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog about this young man who has the world in front of him and has such a great outlook on life. Hope to see you again soon when my next blog comes out 🙂 Till next time!





Kennedy Senior Portraits- Class of 2019

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.”

Kennedy Senior Portraits (3 of 101)

Meet Kennedy! She is 16 and is about to be a senior at her school! She is a part of a hip hop dance team and loves it! She is so full of love and life…she is a happy teenager with the world right at her feet.

Kennedy Senior Portraits (90 of 101)

She also is going to be a part of a mentorship program this year. She will be assigned a freshman student to mentor for the year. She will teach them all the ins and outs of high school, all about the school and be a great guide. High school can be super intimidating so to be able to have a mentor to help you adjust is a great idea! If I was a freshman I would LOVE to have Kennedy as a mentor!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (63 of 101)

Kennedy was so much fun to work with and we had such a blast… sometimes high schoolers take a little bit of time to warm up, and Kennedy was no different, BUT it didn’t take her long to come out of her shell. Her mom, Marcie, was with us at the shoot and that always seems to help especially when I need a good laugh out of her. I would ask Marcie for a good story and Kennedy would laugh and give her mom that look that teenagers give when they know what is coming next.

Kennedy Senior Portraits (81 of 101)

The bond between a mom and daughter is so strong with Kennedy and Marcie. I can’t imagine how hard it will be when Kennedy leaves for the Air Force. These two are so much fun together and the concern that Kennedy had when we were walking on unstable ground for her mom was just so sweet. They love each other so much and I only hope that when Makenna is a teenager she likes and loves me as much as Kennedy loves Marcie!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (87 of 101)

This girl has a lot of hopes, dreams and plans, which is more than I can say for me when I was that age! She is wanting to take the ASVAP testing for the military and go into the Air Force. She wants to pursue public relations with the Air Force…how awesome is that?

Kennedy Senior Portraits (97 of 101)

Could she be more beautiful??? JUST WOW!!!

Kennedy Senior Portraits (50 of 101)

Kennedy is full of personality and was so much fun to work with…the pictures speak for themselves but these are some fun ones that made me smile 🙂


Thank you for taking the time to read about this soon-to-be high school graduate. Stay tuned for more blogs about people just like you!!