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“A talented wedding planner is a gift you give yourself…and then wonder how you ever thought you could manage without one”


Meet Courtney…an amazing and highly sought after Wedding Planner, located in Colorado! I had the honor of assisting Courtney with a wedding this past weekend, in Estes, and took some pictures of her in her element! She rocked the socks off this wedding and made it super stress free and fun for the bride, groom, their family and guests!


She helps create unforgettable events for uncommon people! Here is a bit about her company: The Day-Of is a full-service wedding planner based out of Denver, Colorado. With over 10 years of wedding planning and theatre experience in her back pocket, lead wedding planner Courtney Hayes-Jurcheck uses her positive energy, out of the box thinking, and crazy attention to detail to create a joyful and fun wedding planning experience. At The Day-Of, the number one compliment they receive is that their couples felt like a guest at their own (totally awesome) wedding!


If you are ever in need of a wedding planner Courtney is your girl! Don’t believe me? Take it from some of her previous clients:

“I love Courtney! She’s enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, and really got it done for us. We had no clue what we were doing but from the moment we decided to hire Courtney, we could tell progress was being made. She does a great job of listening to what you want out of your weekend/day and does a great job of making sure that everyone’s expectations are managed. Courtney has amazing vendors that she works with on a regular basis so that was a breeze. Working with Courtney truly made the whole process easier and even enjoyable. She’s really great at taking the load off and her timelines are a thing of beauty. It was so nice to show up to our wedding weekend knowing that she had everything under control. We didn’t have to worry about a thing!
I highly recommend Courtney. You’ll have a great time planning your wedding if you do so and you’ll look back on the entire process and remember nothing but joy! I’d hire her again but alas, I will not be getting married again! I miss her already!” -KRISTIN


“This was the best money we spent on our entire wedding. Hiring Courtney with The Day Of was the best decision. She is top notch: knowledgeable, kind, fun, warm, and professional. She put together our timeline, coordinated all the vendors and made the day run smoothly. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a coordinator – and hire The Day Of! You will not regret it.” – MICHELLE


Thanks so much for taking the time to read about this woman and her amazing business she is building. If you have a questions about her services or want to learn more check out her website:





Carolyn + Matt Est. 2018

“May your life be full of love, and your love be full of life.”

Matt + Carolyn (25 of 28)

Meet Matt and Carolyn! This couple is just the cutest! They went simple and chic! They did almost everything themselves, with the help of some friends and family.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (117 of 166)

They got the flowers from Costco and they looked amazing. Matt’s mom, Cheryl, used to own a floral business so she had the flowers done perfectly!



I walked into the house on Friday for the ceremony which was only about a dozen people and consisted of only family, and the house smelled so good…there were flowers all over the place. Some were there for the ceremony, which took place in their backyard, and the others were there for the reception the next day!



The ceremony was so quick and easy going. Nathan, Carolyn’s brother officiated and said a few words and then they exchanged their vows. You can tell how much people love and care for each other when you listen to their vows. The vows tell you why they fell in love and what things are important to them in their relationship.



These two are a fun, caring and passionate couple.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (118 of 166)

The reception took place at The Barn in Evergreen Memorial Park. The Barn is absolutely gorgeous and has that amazing rustic feel!



I LOVE doing weddings that are simple, and this barn had such charm, with its surrounding farms and agriculture. The Barn is nestled in the mountains and surrounded by evergreens and wildlife…check it out here:! The entrance to the barn was so simple and elegant. Carolyn had lots of people helping set up all the tables and the flowers, which made it a quick and easy set-up!

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (267 of 99)

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (268 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (256 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (259 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (269 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (273 of 99)Her friend, Katie showed up with the cakes! Gorgeous much? Wow! Katie used to make cakes and had her own business doing it, why did she even stop? The cakes were the perfect accent to the already beautiful space. The cakes were white and they all had different flavors in each one, and she added some flowers to make them pop! Just look at them!!!



As people showed up they greated each other, and you could tell that everyone was so loving and happy for Matt and Carolyn. They are so lucky to have such loving friends to start this journey with them.



Congratulations again Matt and Carolyn. I wish you nothing but fun and love in this journey you have embarked on!!!

Matt + Carolyn (24 of 28)

Thank you for taking the time to read about this gorgeous couple and their special day! Stay tuned for more of people just like you doing life together.





Chelsey + Aaron Est. 2018

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up one each other.”

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (134 of 134)I had so much fun with this impromptu wedding. It was so simple and easy! Amber, one of Chelseys best friends reached out to me a few days before the wedding and asked if I was available to take pictures for Chelsey as a gift to her. I immediately checked my calendar and made it work! What a great gift to give someone! Chelsey had no idea I was going to be there. Monday morning I drove up to Denver and got there a little early so I was close enough to be at the courthouse when they got there.

As they walked up I hid “creepily” behind a tree near the entrance of the courthouse and started snapping pictures.


I guess Chelseys son, Layton, told her “that girl is taking pictures of us” and Chelsey told him “no honey she isn’t” as they walked up the stairs I put my camera down and reached out my hand and said “Hi Chelsey! I’m Mandy and I’m going to be your photographer today!” The look on her face was absolutely priceless. She had absolutely no idea I would be there so I think she was stunned!



We walked into the courthouse and we went up to where you get marriage licenses and sign all the documents needed. It only took about 20 minutes since the courthouse already had their license ready to be signed. They all signed it, turned it back in, and it was official!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures…Layton was able to sign as a witness to his Mom and Aaron’s marriage! How cool is that?

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (45 of 134)

After the certificate was turned back in we went outside to capture some…pretty amazing shots of these two…you might have seen them on the sneak peek but if you didn’t…ENJOY!!!

This dip is by far one of the best ones EVER!!! Good job you two!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (57 of 134)

After the courthouse, Chelsey wanted to go down to the river in Golden…WOW! It is so beautiful there. There was a super cute small wooden house before we walked down to the water… so OBVIOUSLY we had to stop and get some pics…LOVE this background!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (73 of 134)

Just a boy and his mama! They were so stinking cute!

We walked down to the water and found a super cute place to take some pictures…it was SUPER busy but luckily there was a great shady spot for some fun pictures!

How much can you love someone? Just look at these two!


You can see how much Layton adores Aaron and how Aaron treats Layton as a son. The bond between them is so sweet and look at how handsome they both are!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (112 of 134)

I wish you both nothing but the best and hope that your journey will continue to grow and mature. Keep communicating and there is nothing you can’t handle together. Congrats again Chelsey and Aaron!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (91 of 134)

Thanks again for taking the time to read about this beautiful couple and make sure to check back to read about more people just like you doing life together.



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The Truth about Marriage…

The TRUTH about marriage:

You know the magazines you got as a kid and you would have to spot the differences between two pictures? Let’s take you back a little bit…What differences do you see between the picture on the left and the picture on the right below?

Untitled design

The majority of people would obviously see that the hair is not exactly the same, the colors are different, they look like they would be carded in the left picture and maybe not so much in the right. There may be some grey in the guy’s hair, and the picture on the right is obviously better;) lol jk but the real differences are not what you can see but what is on the inside of this couples’ relationship. I look at these pictures side by side, and on the left I see two young kids, naive enough to think that marriage is about being happy all the time and sunshine and rainbows. That the breakfast in bed and flowers every day will continue during the whole marriage. The things that happen while dating, and even engaged will eventually fade and be replaced with fighting and compromising.  If you can learn how to get through the trials then those things will be replaced with that look he gives you when you do something silly or the times he actually puts his clothes in the hamper (this is a rarity ladies) but these small things down the road are still the same love, just in a different form. (The picture above on the left is from the day we got married and the one on the right is from today…10 years later.)

penn 10 yr anniversary (6 of 8)

Caleb and I have been married for 10 years today and our relationship now is a thousand times different than it was July 26, 2008. We were both 22 and both thought we knew what we were getting into. We were getting married because we thought we couldn’t live without each other but in fact that is not the case. I’m not saying that I wish I would have married someone else, it’s actually the complete opposite. I don’t think anyone would have put up with the crap I tried to pull the first few years of our marriage and visa versa. We both had insecurities, and instead of seeking help from each other, we would go to our friends or family for advice. It wasn’t until I realized that he needed to be my person that our marriage started to thrive instead of barely survive.

Caleb IS my person, the person I want to come home and talk to about things because he is a realist but also a dreamer. He makes me a better person and I want to be that for not only myself but for him, and now our kids. Having our kids only made us closer. Our marriage has seen ups and downs and if it weren’t for both of our stubbornness and our willingness to change and grow together, we wouldn’t have lasted. I used to go straight to my girlfriends or my mom when I needed advice and even thought I valued their opinions, Caleb’s is the one that I value the most. His opinion means the most to me, HE means the most to me. I went into my marriage thinking this was true, but soon came to the realization I was still running to my mom and my friends with my problems instead of this amazing and loving husband I had vowed to share everything with.

denver 2018 penns (6 of 12)

After ten years of marriage, here are just a few things to think about as you start or continue yours.

    1. Always communicate and constantly ask questions. This one is a big one. They say communication is key, and this is nothing short of being correct. When Caleb and I put aside our fear and our pride and discussed what was upsetting us without letting it eat away at us could we properly fight. Now, our fights last a totally of maybe ten minutes because as soon as something creeps up that had upset me or made me think something; I confront him with it…not with accusations or passive aggressiveness but with love and compassion. If you can’t give your significant other the benefit of the doubt, it is hard for them to return that favor.
    2. Don’t only communicate but learn to listen. Listen and try to understand each other’s feelings. You both grew up differently and respond to things differently. You will not be an effective listener until you can predict how they are going to respond to a certain situation, given their background.
    3. Never stop dating each other. Ugh, we hear this all the time and it is so true. Continue to ask questions and be interested in your spouse. Do things your spouse doesn’t like to do…like sort the socks she has piled up from the last month that she continually refuses to sort 😉 lol yeah that is me! Or pick up the laundry he has laying directly by the hamper even though you know it would have only taken him a little longer to put it in there. Let the little things go and learn to live their imperfections. This is when you can truly love someone for who they are and NOT who you want them to be
    4. Pick your timing wisely and don’t push your significant other’s buttons on purpose. This sounds pretty easy but when a conversation becomes heated, you get defensive and upset and can let your temper take over and you say things you can’t take back. Ask yourself: Is this really the most constructive setting for my partner to hear what I need to say?

denver 2018 penns (4 of 12)



Caleb, I could not imagine my life without you and you are truly the love of my life. Our children are growing up to be compassionate, respectful, loving and hard-working because of the role model you are. I strive to be a better person because you constantly tell me how amazing I am when I am not confident enough to see it myself. You push me to be a better me and I would not be the person I am without you! I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives continuing to grow together and make the lives we only dreamed of when we were first married.

penn 10 yr anniversary (7 of 8)                    10 years after we got married at the Shove Chapel, the place that started it all!

Love Always,


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Emily + Matt July 4th, 2018

“Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After”

What better day to have a wedding than July 4th? Matt and Emily are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet. They both are very transparent and very loving to everyone around them. Even during her wedding, one of the most stressful days of your life, Emily was loving and was looking out for everyone around her. The mom in her came out and even though this day was about her, she made sure everyone around her was good also. The ceremony was held at the Garden of the Gods Resort…talk about gorgeous. This resort is a top destination wedding venue and the pictures don’t do it justice. The scenery is breathtaking…which is why so many people have their weddings there. What is better than beautiful scenery? A beautiful bride to accompany it.  Emily was nothing short of breath-taking. Her dress was made by her mom, Debbie, and was stunning. The detail that went into it was amazing. If you didn’t know, you would have thought the dress was bought at a boutique and that they had paid some hefty money for it. A lot of the details at the wedding; the flower headpieces, the basket, the pillow holding the rings, the dresses, etc… all had some special meaning or were put together by Emily, Debbie and Elizabeth, Emily’s Sister.

Keilahna, The Maid of honor, is Emily’s youngest and is 13 years old. I had met her once before but when I saw her at the resort she looked a little tried…come to find out in all the hustle and bustle she hadn’t eaten yet. YIKES!!! Emily ordered a platter of food and some champagne (not for the younger girls of course) and when it came into the room, Keilahna lit up like a Christmas tree! She was so funny and full of life. You could see through all her expressions and reactions that she was so excited for this day, not only for her mom, but to have another loving father in her life. Matt is nothing short of amazing. He cares deeply for Emily and her family. When Matt caught the first glimpse of Emily, I know his world was in slow motion. His emotions overtook him and I was nervous he had stopped breathing at the site of his new bride. There is something about the way a husband looks at his bride for the first time in her dress, and it was nothing short of inspirational.

CONVERSE!!! What better way to walk down the aisle than in style and not have your heels dig into the grass?!? When I saw the Converse I knew it was going to be a great wedding. I have numerous pairs of my own and I wished I would have worn mine. They all had hints of the teal/blue and were awesome with the dresses and brought everyone’s personality to life.

griggs and Hayden wedding (5 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (9 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (49 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (74 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (69 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (76 of 457)

griggs and Hayden wedding (79 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (87 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (90 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (108 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (111 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (112 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (113 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (123 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (129 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (136 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (144 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (151 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (157 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (162 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (159 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (164 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (180 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (185 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (191 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (199 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (205 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (207 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (210 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (229 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (293 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (298 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (341 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (312 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (317 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (387 of 457)

This lovely couple, Emily’s parents, were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary on July 4th so Matt and Emily had a special table and cake for them at their reception. The way that Dave looked at Debbie was inspirational and it was so neat to see the two of them interact after so many years of being together. Congratulations to both the happy couples!

griggs and Hayden wedding (332 of 457)griggs and Hayden wedding (328 of 457)


Thank you or taking the time to read about this amazing wedding and congratulations to Matt and Emily on your wedding. You two will have a beautiful life together.

Love Always,



Hannah + Jasper

Hannah and Jasper’s’ wedding was filled with a whirlwind of emotions. There was laughter, tears of joy, sadness, and LOTS of love. Hannah and Jasper got married on December 16th, 2017 in Concord, North Carolina and had everything planned out. Hannah’s dad and my uncle, Brian Early, was of course going to officiate since he was an amazing pastor. He officiated mine, my brother’s, my sister’s, and his other kids’ weddings, and Hannah’s was no different.

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0107.jpg

About a month before Hannah’s wedding, my Uncle Brian passed away very unexpectedly from a heart attack. It came as a shock and hit all of us very hard. As soon as I heard the news, I wept and couldn’t imagine what everyone was going through in North Carolina. Since I live in Colorado Springs, I could not go to the funeral, which held space for over 1,000 people my uncle had impacted in his life. I was able to hear all about it from my mom and my grandma, who made the trip out there.

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0034

I was at a loss of what to do, so I figured going to the wedding was one way of being of some help. I am passionate about weddings, whether it be as a bridesmaid, photographer, or even a guest. Even though I decided to go to the wedding pretty last minute, my family was so happy I could make it, and made me feel welcome.

At Hannah and Jasper’s wedding I was not the main photographer, or even the second shooter for that matter. I was a guest, but was lucky enough to be a part of the magic that took place that day. The bride, Hannah, is my cousin on my moms side of the family, and lucky as I am, I was able to capture some pretty amazing photos. It helps that my family is beautiful, both inside and out. Hannah and Jasper are just those type of people you want to be around. I can see why they are so perfect for each other.

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0028

The emotion and love at this wedding was way more than I anticipated. The day was gorgeous with perfect weather, and it could not have gone more smoothly.

I love taking candid shots, and this wedding let me do that without worrying about the traditional pictures I take at weddings. Hannah was one of the most beautiful brides I have seen. Isn’t she just breathtaking?

Seth Snider, the main photographer, was beyond amazing. He has known my family for years, and I observed a lot while watching him interact with them. Seth actually photographed my cousin Bethany’s wedding over 8 years ago! How is that for someone passionate about their job? He was so calm and collected, and you could tell how much he cared for my family! He is located in North Carolina, so if you need a photographer out there, look him up: (

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0033

It’s all in the details!!! Just look at that ring. It just screams exquisite and elegant. Those are just two words I would use to describe Hannah. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and I don’t think she could have picked a better one!

The ceremony was held at Central United Methodist Church in Concord, NC. It was an incredible church that had a simple lobby and a gorgeous sanctuary. My cousin Aaron, Hannah’s oldest brother, shed a few tears during the hymn, Be Thou My Vision , beautifully sung and accompanied by Jessie Early, his wife! (If you haven’t heard her stuff you need to check her out-

There was not a dry eye in the church as they exchanged their vows, especially Jasper, who was truly awe struck by how beautiful Hannah was! These two are truly an inspiration and have so much love for not only each other, but life!

Wedding Vaughn, Hannah and Jasper-0351 FINALWedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0105 FINAL

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0099Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0102Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0101

As if the wedding had not already been amazing, the reception started and everyone mingled and ate at the amazing taco bar, and what goes better with tacos than donuts for desert? NOTHING! The reception took place back at Richie Hill, which is where everyone was able to get ready. It has a historical and southern charm-feel to it, which in turn made for a very fun and cozy reception.

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0109

The favors were by far one of my favorite parts…they were soft white blankets that everyone used to stay warm when the sun went down!

Everyone let loose and had so much fun! People would talk about lots of different memories of Hannah when she was younger, and I was lucky enough to hear a few about Jasper as well! People also talked a lot about my Uncle Brian! It was like he was there watching over us. Even during the daddy daughter dance while Hannah was dancing with her brothers, you could feel the love from everyone in the room! It is amazing how much one person can impact so may peoples lives and leave such a beautiful legacy behind!

Wedding- Vaughn, Hannah + Jasper-0104

Hannah and Jasper- you are truly a testament to what love is and how to love! Cherish the small moments and each other. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!


   Mandy Penn

   Colorado Photographer


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