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30 is the new 20…

“You’re not 30. You’re 18 with 12 years experience.”
paiges 30th bday-44
Who says you are too old for a cake smash! This girl right here is the big 3-0 today!
paiges 30th bday-57
Meet Paige!
If you don’t know Paige…you are missing out! This lady right here is one of the most crazy, funny, sweet, caring, loving, self-LESS, nice, talented, woman I’ve been lucky to know!
When you think about a cake smash you think one year old right? Cute background, a theme and cute little baby hands all messy from digging into their cake…well not any more…now you will think PAIGE!
paiges 30th bday-75
Yes we did a few “normal” birthday pictures but the fun was with the cake, made by Sugar Buzz Cakes! Paige is VERY fond of giraffes, and may I say, a little obsessed! So it made sense to have the cake Giraffe themed…how cute is it with the cute bow? 
I think the fondant makes for a great hair piece as well 😉
paiges 30th bday-72
The tutu was made by yours truly and yes it took some time, but it is TOTALLY worth it don’t you think?
Here are just a few of my favorite pictures…you will NOT be dissapointed!
Happy Birthday Paiger! You are one of the best people I know! I am so blessed to call you my best friend! Thanks for always being there for me and my family!
Thanks for taking the time to read about this amazing 30 year old and all the fun we had!




Field Family Fall Session- 2018

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” – Emily Bronte

Fields Family- 2018-3

Meet Rory, Brianna, Amelia, Paisley and Daphne (Great Dane puppy). Fall is my absolute favorite season…pumpkin everything, crunching of the leaves beneath your feet, scarves, but most of all the colors! Colorado is a beautiful place during all of its seasons but I find that Fall is the prettiest.


Fields Family- 2018-13Fields Family- 2018-14

This year fall came really fast, and is going to be gone before we know it, so I was sure happy that the timing worked out just right to do the perfect fall session with this amazing family. I have had this family session booked for a while but we wanted to wait until the leaves changed! Winter is fast approaching, and it’s gonna be a crazy one! I was so happy that the weather was gorgeous for us!

Fields Family- 2018-36

Okay, so these shirts were hand knitted by a mutual friend of Brianna and mine, Denise! SAY WHAT??? Yeah, we have super talented friends. There was, however, an outfit disaster. When Brianna went to Denise’s house the day of the shoot, before lunch, they realized that one of the shirts was WAY too big…not like we can clothespin it too big, but like swimming in it too big. So Denise sayss ” Well I have a few hours so let me make a new one,” and whips it out in 5 hours!!! WHAT??? They are awesome, and looked absolutely adorable on the girls!

Fields Family- 2018-21

It took a little bit for the girls to warm up to me and trust me, but once they did they were a bunch of hams, and were all about the pictures!! I let them run around and asked  where they wanted to shoot so it made it more fun for them, as opposed to me telling them what to do! I was able to get some fun pictures without them looking stiff 🙂 They both were an absolute blast to work with! When they were together they would pose like they were best friends! Nothing is better than having a sister…especially so close in age!

Fields Family- 2018-42

Fields Family- 2018-6

Amelia is 6, making her the oldest of the two. She tried showing me a little attitude but it was all show. She was a great listener! When I gave her the option of where to go next or what to do, she began to trust me a little more, and was having a blast by the end of the shoot!


This is little Paisley and she is 4. Oh man, this one is adorable and she knows it! She has this thing where she thinks its funny/cute to stick out her tongue…I found myself saying “Paisley put your tongue back in your mouth,” quite a bit, but then again, all kids have little things that they love to do like that. At the end of the shoot I had her give me a fun picture with her tongue out and she loved it, and so did mom!


Rory and Brianna have been married for 8 years…I always smile when I hear of couples who are still together after so many years because marriage is hard, but these two are still happy and in love! Through having two kiddos, and everyday life they make it work, better than most! I loved watching them interact with each other, and the girls during the shoot. They are a true inspiration!

Fields Family- 2018-29.jpg

I LOVE meeting new people, and having the opportunity to capture special moments in their lives. This family is special and I can’t wait for our next shoot together!

Fields Family- 2018-22

Thank you for taking the time to read about the newest family to get in front of my camera! They were such a blast! I hope, some day, to capture your family as well! Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!



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Grape Juice Mom!

“Cheers to moms, military spouses, and cheap wine” – Jen with Grape Juice Mom

grape juice mom-2


Meet the woman behind the juice 🙂 This is Jen!

grape juice mom-66

Never heard of Grape Juice Mom? That’s alright because she just became active this week! Jen is an amazing mom of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a super sweet and supportive guy! She is an active duty officer in grad school for Statistics. Her husband just returned home from Afghanistan before their second daughter’s birth, but she felt something missing…what was it?

grape juice mom-69.jpg

Jen is just starting a blog and you will not want to miss it! Do you like wine? Are you an avid drinker or even just like learning about wine? Are you none of the above but just like listening to fellow mom and military wives talk about their passions? Are you a mom? Are you military? Do you like wine? I could go on and on but basically anyone will LOVE this blog!

grape juice mom-48

She and her husband love wine! Eventually they would love to open a wine bar, but in the mean time, why not talk and write about wine…all the ins and outs of it!

grape juice mom-61

It doesn’t matter if you are a white or red drinker! We are all equal here! 😉

“Grape Juice Mom LLC is a blog and social media company tailored towards the people I love drinking wine with the most: moms, working moms, military spouses, and anyone who loves affordable wine. When I say affordable, I mean less than $15 per bottle! Realistically, that is what I drink most, and I have found that there are some really great wines that are less than $15 a bottle.” To read more about Grape Juice Mom check out her facebook page here: and her blog is here:        Make sure to Subscribe!!!

grape juice mom-65

Not only will she talk about her favorite wines, but she will also drop in some statistics for you, because unlike me, she is a math geek! She loves anything to do with data and ratios so what better way to use those talents than on a drink that keeps moms sane the majority of the time?

grape juice mom-19

I am so excited to continue working with Jen on the journey of Grape Juice Mom, and explore and learn more about wine. Stay tuned for more about this fantastic and ambitious mama! Thanks for taking the time to read, and always coming back for more!



Military Homecoming

Welcome Home Soldier…

“You will never hold someone as tightly as you hold them the day they leave and the day they come home.”

ingram homecoming-17.jpg

Meet the Ingrams. Otis and Lisa have been married for 18 years and since then he has deployed 5 times!!! They have three amazing kids, Jackson, 8, Lillian, 6, and Dean, 5.

ingram homecoming-86.jpg

So… I must admit I have never had the opportunity to capture a military homecoming before, and oh boy am I obsessed! The joy and love on the families faces when they see their dad/husband/friend who has been gone for months is beyond gratifying. This family in particular is so sweet and Otis, the father, has been gone for 9 months.

What I loved about this is that Lisa decided not to tell the kids the exact day that Otis was coming home.

ingram homecoming-129

So I met them at the building he was at and when I met them they were all wearing matching shirts. Lisa had told them they were doing pictures before their dad came home. We walked up to the entrance of the building and I started snapping pictures…she asked the kids why they were there and they said “we are taking pictures” she then said, “do you know why else?” They looked confused, so after a few seconds she said “your daddy is home!” They all looked around not knowing if it was true but shortly realized that she was telling the truth. The look on their faces was priceless. See for yourself!

We walked in the building, and as I looked around I noticed Otis in a different room while the kids and Lisa were chatting. I had such a blast getting all these images.

There is pure joy and love on everyones face, and that is something you can’t hide! I just love my job! Lisa had some close friends come also, and that along, with everything else, was so amazing to see. The love they have for Otis and his family is heart warming!

Jackson was so overwhelmed with emotion, he slowly walked away and sat on a chair to collect his thoughts. I left him alone, as to not overwhelm him anymore, and the next thing I knew, Lisa was loving on him and helping him cope with the surprise. Look at how she is holding him and how much he loves her! He melted into her arms and after a few seconds he got up and was back to his normal self. The power of a mom is an amazing thing.

ingram homecoming-68

I loved watching the kids climb all over Otis like a jungle gym. They could not get enough of him.

I can’t even imagine having my husband deploy, and then needing to try and be a single mom…I don’t care how many kids you have. Lisa does it with such grace and is such an amazing mama to Jackson, Lillian and Dean. I am truly inspired by her and all the moms who are military spouses. God Bless YOU all! It is because of sacrifices like that, that keep our country a great place and to that we are indebted to you!

Thank you Otis Ingram for your service and for all you do for your family and your country. It was truly an honor to capture the love you have for your family and vis versa.

ingram homecoming-127

Thanks for reading about this amazing family! Can’t wait to photograph another one and get all the feels again!



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Tyrer Family

“A cousin is a ready made friend for life.”

Tyrer Family- 2018-2

Meet Adrianna, Scarlett, Gavin, and Jordan. I always feel pretty good about getting the kids to look at me, but these goobers were just having way too much fun 🙂 Here are a few of my favorite pics of the kids…they will make an awesome canvas don’t you think?

Tyrer Family- 2018-13

The boys are just as handsome as ever…they both were quiet, but super smiley for me. I made sure to get a few different combinations, both with and without the girls, and a few alone.

Tyrer Family- 2018-5

I have taken pictures of these girls before so they gave me all the goofiness!

Tyrer Family- 2018-3

Umm…not sure if you can see but this family was and is always adorable.

Tyrer Family- 2018-42

Travis and Kristina own a boutique (Bella Marie- check it out online) out of their home, so the clothes she and the girls wear are always fashion approved!

Travis and Kristina have the cutest girls, don’t you think? I did a mini session with just the girls back in July but was super happy when Kristina reached out to me to do pictures for their mom of their girls and nephews. The shoot started with  just the kids and then we did the family pictures of Travis, Kristina, Adrianna and Scarlett.

These photos sum up Scarletts personality…cutest thing ever right?

Throughout the shoot I would show the girls the pictures and it kept them occupied between shots. At the end I had the camera around my neck and let both the girls take a picture, and they did a great job…photography experts already!!

Thank you so much for all your continued love and support and for taking the time out of your day to read about these cute kids and gorgeous family! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!




Surprises all around…

“Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain the same. ” -Unknown

Rhonda- Family 2018-61

Meet Rhonda, Mike, Tyler, Justin, Brandon, Jessica, Jena, Nora, Lizzie and Madeleine!

Rhonda- Family 2018-27

This family was so much fun because the shoot was full of surprises for the beautiful Rhonda.

Rhonda- Family 2018-81

Jena, one of Rhondas daughters, reached out to me a few months ago, and told me she and her family were throwing a surprise party for their mom Rhonda. Since everyone was going to be in town they wanted to get some family pictures done! So Rhonda had NO idea that everyone was coming…it made me so happy to see the happiness on her face when the guys (Tyler and Justin) walked up while I was snapping pictures.

We met at the beautiful Mesa Overlook to start and then drove over to Garden of the Gods since the sun was sooo bright. The weather was a little chilly…we actually changed the time of the shoot from Sunday since the crazy Colorado weather was supposed to be below freezing, and the cold would not have been fun with three little girls.

Rhonda- Family 2018-52

Mike is Rhonda’s husband, and they are the proud parents of these three amazing girls…Jena, Jessica and Tyler. They make up a beautiful family, don’t you think?

Rhonda- Family 2018-37.jpg

This is Jenna, Brandon and little Madeleine. Madeleine was so adorable…she had boots on and enjoyed kicking them off throughout the shoot.

This is Justin, Jessica, Nora and Lizzie. The girls were so good and gave me some super awesome smiles.

This is one of my favorite images of these cuties.

Rhonda- Family 2018-29

Uncle Tyler and the girls! How cute!!

Rhonda- Family 2018-56

Little Madeleine was such a trooper and was full of smiles 🙂

Meeting new people and seeing different family dynamics is only only one thing I love about my job!

Rhonda- Family 2018-102

Thank you so much for reading about this fun and exciting shoot with this family! Stay tuned for more from me this week 🙂

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Matilda Jane Anyone?

“Choose your own path.”

Kelly- MJ heqadshots Oct2018-33

Meet Kelly. She is not only beautiful outside but inside as well.

Kelly- MJ heqadshots Oct2018-13

I met Kelly at a network marketing meeting a few weeks ago. She had been looking for a photographer, so we hit it off right away! We met for coffee a few days later, and were able to work around both of our busy schedules to get some shoots on the calendar.

Kelly is so inspirational! I have come to find that you can learn a lot from other business owners, no matter what product they are selling! I love listening to Kelly, and finding out the ins and outs of being a business owner. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Kelly- MJ heqadshots Oct2018-20

“I have been in the direct sales industry for 14 years. For 13 years I was in the skin care and make up industry and transitioned over to Matilda Jane almost 1 year ago. Their mission speaks to my heart. They are all about keeping little girls happy, spinning, and twirling in their pretty dresses. I love whether you’re a little girl or a woman, Matilda Jane makes every one of us feel beautiful. I love their colorful, unique, whimsical patterns, and I love spreading happiness one twirl at a time.”    -Kelly

If you love these clothes as much as I do, or have a little girl, make sure to hit Kelly up for all your clothing needs! You can shop directly from her and if you give her a call she can give you free shipping so make sure to take advantage of that!!!

Kelly- MJ heqadshots Oct2018-12

Check out more about this amazing company at

Kelly- MJ heqadshots Oct2018-28

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this amazing and inspiring woman I had and will continue to have the pleasure of working with! Stay tuned for whats next!