Jamee + Jacob Engagement

“Where there is love there is life.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (62 of 62).jpgOn top of the world….this is how I’m feeling after what I would say is one of my favorite engagement sessions! This couple I got to spend my evening with, on Saturday, was nothing short of amazing.Jamee + Jacob Engagement (37 of 62)Meet Jamee and Jacob! When Jacob originally reached out to me he already had a location in mind, Pine, CO. I had never heard of it before, and it takes a little under two hours to get there, but WOW is it worth the drive. There are tons of locations to shoot at but we chose Pine Valley Ranch Park.

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (47 of 62)I got to the park early that day since I had never been there before… better to be early than late. Jamee informed me she found this place on a drive a few years ago and it has become her happy place. What better reason to take engagement photos, right???

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (55 of 62)They came walking up from fishing in their comfy outfits and all I could do was smile. They were so cute together and I loved their interactions. I’ve known Jacob for years, so meeting Jamee made my heart so happy. They are so perfect for each other and compliment one another to no end! Jamee + Jacob Engagement (60 of 62)Jamee and Jacob have been dating almost a year now, and got engaged on June 30th. They actually met online, but after their first date they knew this relationship was something special.

They have lots of differences, but what is interesting in their relationship is how they embrace each others likes and wants. They are willing to meet in the middle and aren’t afraid to try something new. Jamee told me she took Jacob skydiving for his birthday…Jacob skydiving?? Yes!!! I know these two will continue to bring out the best in each other!

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (54 of 62)I am so happy I was able to take these photos! Sadly, I will be out of town for the wedding, so thank you Jamee and Jacob for giving be the pleasure of capturing your love through your engament!Jamee + Jacob Engagement (59 of 62)

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read about this adorable couple and the journey they will start in May 2019! Congrats to both of you and keep communicating through everything!!!




Claudia- 2019 Senior

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

-Elenor Roosevelt

Claudia and William Session (58 of 91)

Meet Claudia!!!

Claudia and William Session (91 of 91)This past weekend I had the pleasure of capturing some pretty amazing photos of this beautiful girl (inside and out). We went to Castlewood Canyon State Park, and had so much fun! This place has become one of my absolute favorite spots to shoot at because of all the different back grounds it offers.

It’s always a little weird at the beginning of a shoot, especially if you have never met the person taking your photos, but after we started chatting and getting to know each other it went so smooth. Claudia loosened up quickly, whiched allowed us to laugh about things, and we ended up having a blast! Claudia and William Session (34 of 91)

Claudia is in an exciting time of her life! I wish her the best of luck as she finishes out her senior year of high school and moves onto college and beyond. Thank you for allowing me to take your photos!!Claudia and William Session (63 of 91)

During this session I was able to get a few picture of her with her family as well! Here are a few of those…if you can’t tell, her brother is actually her twin! Congrats both of you and good luck!

Claudia and William Session (31 of 91)Claudia and William Session (28 of 91)Claudia and William Session (18 of 91)Claudia and William Session (3 of 91)Thank you for taking the time to read about this young girl as she embarks on a new adventure in her life. Good luck Claudia! I wish you nothing but the best!



Lifestyle, Newborn

Laikynn- Newborn Lifestyle 2018

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

laikynn newborn (25 of 72)

The Bible verse above is hanging on the wall of this cuties room. Meet Laikynn, born Monday, August 20th, at 9:33AM weighing 7lbs 2.5oz and 19.5 inches long!

laikynn newborn (5 of 72)

Oh My goodness isn’t she adorable? I could not get enough of her on Saturday, at the shoot. She was so good and even when she started to cry, all we had to do was pick her up and she was super happy again. She is a true girl isn’t she?

laikynn newborn (6 of 72)Izaiah and Kyndall have two pit bulls, Zeus and Zahyr and boy were they beautiful pups. They were such happy dogs and were so pretty I just had to get a family picture with them in it! laikynn newborn (22 of 72)

Kyndall mentioned, while I was there, that Laikynn sticks her tonge out a lot. I giggled, but then as the shoot went on I could see what she meant and I could not resist all the pictures with her little tongue. OMG!!!

laikynn newborn (11 of 72)

Izaiah was absolutely adorable to watch as a dad…at the maternity session I did for them a few months ago, I could tell by how sweet and loving he was to Kyndall that he would be a great dad. He did not disappoint! He looks at Laikynn with such love and adoration. He is on diaper duty at night and helps Kyndall a lot with her in the middle of the night. What a great dad he is already becoming…I can’t wait to watch her grow up!!!

Kyndall is already such a great mom. She loves kids but there is already a special bond between her and that precious little angel. Laikynn is so lucky to have such amazing, caring, and loving parents to lead her through the world.

laikynn newborn (37 of 72)Bright eyed little mermaid, taking in the sun!laikynn newborn (64 of 72)-Edit Side note: my Best Friend, Paige, came to meet Laikynn, and to assist me at the shoot, so we grabbed Hurts Donuts on the way! I couldn’t help but snap a picture of all the deliciousness. If you haven’t tried one you MUST GO!!!!laikynn newborn (1 of 72)Also, watching this interaction was so much fun…Paige is great with kids but she is going to make an amazing mama one day 😉

I found myself teary eyed as I edited these pictures yesterday and smiled when I remembered the session. These are the emotion I like to get from my shoots, and I think this met that expectation!!!

laikynn newborn (71 of 72)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this growing family, and thank you Izaiah and Kyndall for letting me capture Miss Laikynn and your family!




Cowan Family Session

“Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love”

cowan family (35 of 66)

Meet John and Kelly Cowan. They live in a beautiful neighborhood northwest of Castle Rock and the scenery was so pretty we just used it as the backdrop!!!

cowan family (11 of 66)

Next up are Steve and Jozie! Their daughter Stephanie and son, Richie, were there and as you will soon find out Sean and Stephanie are the reason these two families came into each others lives!

cowan family (53 of 66)

This is Richie and Emily! They couldn’t stay long, but we made sure to get all the pictures we could before they headed out! They are an adorable couple aren’t they?

cowan family (6 of 66)

Kelly reached out to me and asked about family sessions so we scheduled a date! Lucky for them, there daughter in laws’ parents were able to be there with their other son so we got them all done at once! Talk about killing two birds with one stone (maybe not the best analogy but the only one I can think of right now LOL)

John and Kelly have two kids and two grandkids! Their oldest is Sean who is married to Stephanie and they have two kids, Cooper and Ryan. Ashley is the youngest and is an absolutely amazing woman. She was so sweet and is a lot like her mom!

cowan family (18 of 66)

AHHHH…the grandparents with their pride and joy, Cooper and Ryan!

This is Cooper and Ryan. Like almost all kids, they were not happy about having to sit still and take pictures, however with the help of grandpa and the rest of this crazy bunch we got some really adorable pictures!

cowan family (24 of 66)

Of course we can’t forget about the dogs! They were all so sweet and once the treats were pulled out they were picture perfect! 😉


Thank you for taking the time to read about these two families loving life along side each other! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your families John, Kelly, Steve and Jozie! It was truly a pleasure!




Maybury Family

“Find your tribe, love them hard”

maybury family (12 of 75)This family is truly one in a million! Meet Vickie (middle), Becky and Paddy! Then meet Marley, Emmy, Harmony, Matty and Riley. (left to right) We will get to know the dogs a little better later in the blog, don’t worry 🙂

maybury family (27 of 75)This family was so much fun and with the help of an assistant, I got some great shots of them looking at the camera! Squeaky toys and treats came in VERY handy for this shoot!


Vickie is a highly dynamic and talented MASTER DIRECTOR of Skyline Chorus! Skyline is a part of Sweet Adelines International! Sweet Adelines is made up of hundreds of choruses throughout the world. They do a lot of educational programs and some of the choruses compete in contests through out the year. The ladies of Skyline enjoy a love of singing and an enthusiasm for sharing the joy of music. The chorus is the 2016 4th Place International medalist, and sport a repertoire that includes gospel, pop, show tunes, old ballads that tug at your heartstrings and of course traditional barbershop melodies. I am super lucky to be a part of Skyline! We will be competing in the October 2018 International competition in St. Louis! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing and loving leader to take us there.


Becky is Vickie’s oldest and is a social worker. On top of ALL the work she does at her date job, she is a HUGE part of the chorus, and has been since she was in her mamas’ belly 🙂 Becky is the assistant director for Skyline Chorus, in Denver, along side her mom. She also does learning tracks for the chorus and she sings lead in Vintage, a fantastic quartet that is making their way to international along with Skyline this year. If you want to check out more about what Becky does, check my blog about her amazing quartet, Vintage, here: https://mandypennphotography.com/2018/07/31/vintage-quartet/

maybury family (48 of 75)

Paddy, like his mom and sister, is also extremely talented and sings as well. He sings with Sound of the Rockies, a mens barbershop chorus in Denver. Paddy has a great sense of humor and is really down to earth. He is currently Becky’s roommate, so Matty, Marley and Riley get to be together 😉  Riley and him are best buds!

maybury family (52 of 75)This is Matty, at 13, she is the oldest of the dogs. If you cant tell, she is an Australian Shepherd and is SUPER soft! Becky actually got her when she was in her undergrad program.

maybury family (3 of 75)

Marley is almost 18 months old. She is one month younger than Harmony. Becky says, “I got her because I was afraid I wouldn’t get another dog after Matty.”

maybury family (53 of 75)

This gorgeous gal is Emmy, and she is a 12 year old Springer Spaniel. She is Vickies dog and helps keep Harmony in line, which takes a lot of work! Emmy is always so sweet and loving..because she is a little older she is pretty calm so that helped for pictures 😉

maybury family (6 of 75)

Speaking of Harmony…she is 18 months old and is also a Springer Spaniel like Emmy! She is so full of energy and just LOVES everyone! Vickie actually flew to Nevada to pick her up and she knew right then that she was the perfect puppy for her!

maybury family (49 of 75)

This is Riley and he is 9 years old. He is a heeler mix and was the best behaved out of all the pups! Paddy was pretty good also!

maybury family (34 of 75)They don’t love each other at all, huh?

Just a few more for your viewing pleasure…


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this amazing family and their pups! Stay tuned for the next blog coming tomorrow! Till next time…





Peart Family Session

“Family- where life begins, and love never ends”

peart family 2018 (2 of 37)

This family was a TON of fun.

Cherry Creek Village is a gorgeous neighborhood and luckily for Christine and Dave, their landscape was absolutely gorgeous so we didn’t have to go anywhere to get absolutely stunning backgrounds for their family pictures!

peart family 2018 (24 of 37)

Dave was so funny and made jokes that I laughed super hard at…I think after a while you get used to them when its your husband or your dad…I just roll my eyes now when my dad or Caleb make a joke because its the same thing LOL. Dave was a lot of fun and was super excited about the shoot…he loved all the backgrounds, the poses, and was a blast to work with.

peart family 2018 (14 of 37)

Dave and Christine are pretty cute…they were super sweet and you can tell that they love each other very much. They have been married for 20 years and have two beautiful boys, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a gorgeous home to show for it. I love talking to couples who are older then me, and have been together a long time. They always have a lot of insight into life that sometimes you never thought about.

peart family 2018 (20 of 37)

Christine reached out to me to do senior pictures for her oldest son, Carson, and then realized they hadn’t had family pictures done for a while. Since I was there we did both shoots! I was there longer then usual, but it was less travel time for me, and we got two shoots done at one time! 🙂

peart family 2018 (19 of 37)

Ethan was mister personality and full of energy! He was silly but a blast to work with. He is your typical teenage boy with a slice of attitude 😉

carson senior 2019 (27 of 52)

Carson was super sweet! I did a senior session with him before the family shoot so he was already warmed up for these pictures!

carson senior 2019 (10 of 52)

Meet Dempsey.  I made sure to take a few pictures of him alone since he has been a part of the family for so long.

peart family 2018 (33 of 37)

This is Bella..like most dachshund’s, her tongue is SOOO long…she obviously LOVES Dave! This photo just proves that.

peart family 2018 (36 of 37)

I was so lucky to be able to capture your super adorable and fun family! Thank you Dave and Christine! You are both truly blessed!

peart family 2018 (30 of 37)

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome family. Make sure to stay tuned for the next blog in a few days! Till next time…



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Kim + Jeremy

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by the person you love is everything.“

kim and jeremy engagement-family (17 of 57)

BEST PICTURE EVER!!!! This has got to be one of the best ones yet…these kids were rockstars when I asked them to show me how they feel about their parents kissing!!! LOL

kim and jeremy engagement-family (8 of 57)

Meet Kim and Jeremy! Kim found me on WeddingWire. I gave her a call and it was like talking to a friend. Those consults always are my favorite…where you end up talking about everything under the sun for two hours! I was so happy when Kim sent me her deposit and booked me for her and Jeremy’s wedding, December 31st! Yup! New Year’s Eve…but it’s a day wedding so there will be plenty of time for partying afterwards!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (12 of 57)Since their wedding is coming up fast we hopped right into things, and I squeezed her into my schedule to get the engagement session done.

kim and jeremy engagement-family (24 of 57)

Most engagement sessions are just the bride and groom but my heart jumped when he wanted to include their kids also! I asked her is she wanted a bunch of the kids or just a few and her response was, “well we are all going into this marriage and they are a huge part of that.” I loved that and their kids were so much fun!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (30 of 57)

Dom is the oldest boy and was so sweet and such a good listener! He helped keep the little ones happy and was so nice!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (3 of 57)Natalie is the oldest girl and she is gorgeous with her dark hair and her freckles! She looked like an American girl doll! She was super sweet and very willing to help! 

kim and jeremy engagement-family (21 of 57)

JJ stands for Jeremiah Jackson! How cute is that name? I’m obsessed! Luckily I’m not having anymore kids ;). He had so much energy along with his sister Madilynn! Madilynn is absolutely beautiful and super goofy!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (57 of 57)This family was so much fun to work with and you can see all the love they have for one another. I am truly blessed with this job to be able to meet such great people who are living life and doing it together!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (50 of 57)

Thanks for taking the time to read about this adorable family! Till next time!