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What is all the BUZZ about?

“I decorate cakes, whats your super power?”

paiges 30th bday-41

I believe 100% that the above quote is true about this amazing business…I am lucky if I don’t burn pre packaged cookies (you know the ones you buy through the school fundraisers) so it always amazes me when I see what Jenn has come up with.

Welcome to the inside scoop of Sugar Buzz…a local business run by Jennifer MacDougall!

sugar buzz cakes- 2018-12

Jennifer is amazing at her craft and it was so awesome watching her work. I can barely bake muffins without setting off a fire alarm!

sugar buzz cakes- 2018-13

If you have not tried her cakes…you are missing out! Not only are they super intricate but they are absolutely delicious…I may have snuck a little frosting during the session…had a little “buzz” the rest of the day 🙂

sugar buzz cakes- 2018-16

She works magic for her clients, and it shows!

She is booked every weekend with dozens of cakes! There is nothing this woman can’t do!

Sugar buzz cakes 2018-8

I am so honored to work with such amazingly talented people…check out all of Jennifer’s cakes on her facebook page and make sure to like it while you are there:

sugar buzz cakes- 2018-33

She posts new masterpieces all the time! If you are in need of a cake for a special occasion or just because you like to eat cake, and want something fancy (don’t judge me) then hit her up!!

sugar buzz cakes- 2018-20

Thanks for taking the time to read about this amazing and talented woman and how she is making the world sweeter…one bite at a time!





Shelby + Will- Engagement

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple comes together, it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

Shelby + Will-42

Meet Shelby and Will.

Shelby + Will-1.jpg

For my blogs I try (try being the key word) to only pick about 10 pictures as to not overwhelm you…however when you have a couple as fun and easy to work with as these two…you can’t resist!

Shelby was in search of a photographer for her wedding, in April, and found me on Wedding Wire. She was super sweet and actually booked me right away! I hadn’t met them when we scheduled the engagement shoot (which is included in most of my packages) but it wouldn’t have mattered because we hit it off right away!

Shelby + Will-47

The interactions between these two was so fun to watch. Shelby laughed a lot which made for some amazing candid pictures and some real genuine expressions! You will be able to see that through out the blog.

At one point I told them to be themselves and relax and this is what I got out of Will…but its so him isn’t it? BUNNY EARS!!!

Shelby + Will-17

I just cant get enough of how fun this couple was…

I found out a lot of fun facts about these two. For instance, one of my favorite facts was that they two step..but not just your basic two step…like the dancing and swinging you around and dancing that you see and wish that you could do! About half way through the session I asked them to dance for me! I loved watching how they moved together and could anticipate what was coming next! Here are just a few of my favorite shots I got of that!!

This couple was so great to work with, the whole time! Even though they have never had professional pictures taken, you would never know with how quickly they became comfortable in front of my camera.

Shelby + Will-62

Will was a little more hesitant, as most guys are, but warmed up quick! By the end he was having a blast! Towards the end I asked Shelby if there was anything that I may have missed. She said no, but Will chimed in and wanted to climb up the side of the rock that they were next too. I obviously obliged and told him to hop up there, knowing full well that Shelby was not going to follow him. This is one of my favorite pictures because you can see how happy he was to get a picture that he thought he probably wasn’t going to get (It is an engagement session after all). I love the way Shelby is looking at him in it!

Shelby + Will-52

I can not wait for this wedding and am truly blessed to be able to meet such amazing people who are so passionate about the journey they have ahead of them! Congratulations Shelby and Will! I can’t wait for April!

Shelby + Will-5

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all the ins and outs of this shoot. I appreciate all of you everyday and cant wait to work with you all!





Jamee + Jacob Engagement

“Where there is love there is life.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (62 of 62).jpgOn top of the world….this is how I’m feeling after what I would say is one of my favorite engagement sessions! This couple I got to spend my evening with, on Saturday, was nothing short of amazing.Jamee + Jacob Engagement (37 of 62)Meet Jamee and Jacob! When Jacob originally reached out to me he already had a location in mind, Pine, CO. I had never heard of it before, and it takes a little under two hours to get there, but WOW is it worth the drive. There are tons of locations to shoot at but we chose Pine Valley Ranch Park.

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (47 of 62)I got to the park early that day since I had never been there before… better to be early than late. Jamee informed me she found this place on a drive a few years ago and it has become her happy place. What better reason to take engagement photos, right???

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (55 of 62)They came walking up from fishing in their comfy outfits and all I could do was smile. They were so cute together and I loved their interactions. I’ve known Jacob for years, so meeting Jamee made my heart so happy. They are so perfect for each other and compliment one another to no end! Jamee + Jacob Engagement (60 of 62)Jamee and Jacob have been dating almost a year now, and got engaged on June 30th. They actually met online, but after their first date they knew this relationship was something special.

They have lots of differences, but what is interesting in their relationship is how they embrace each others likes and wants. They are willing to meet in the middle and aren’t afraid to try something new. Jamee told me she took Jacob skydiving for his birthday…Jacob skydiving?? Yes!!! I know these two will continue to bring out the best in each other!

Jamee + Jacob Engagement (54 of 62)I am so happy I was able to take these photos! Sadly, I will be out of town for the wedding, so thank you Jamee and Jacob for giving be the pleasure of capturing your love through your engament!Jamee + Jacob Engagement (59 of 62)

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read about this adorable couple and the journey they will start in May 2019! Congrats to both of you and keep communicating through everything!!!



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Day- Of

“A talented wedding planner is a gift you give yourself…and then wonder how you ever thought you could manage without one”


Meet Courtney…an amazing and highly sought after Wedding Planner, located in Colorado! I had the honor of assisting Courtney with a wedding this past weekend, in Estes, and took some pictures of her in her element! She rocked the socks off this wedding and made it super stress free and fun for the bride, groom, their family and guests!


She helps create unforgettable events for uncommon people! Here is a bit about her company: The Day-Of is a full-service wedding planner based out of Denver, Colorado. With over 10 years of wedding planning and theatre experience in her back pocket, lead wedding planner Courtney Hayes-Jurcheck uses her positive energy, out of the box thinking, and crazy attention to detail to create a joyful and fun wedding planning experience. At The Day-Of, the number one compliment they receive is that their couples felt like a guest at their own (totally awesome) wedding!


If you are ever in need of a wedding planner Courtney is your girl! Don’t believe me? Take it from some of her previous clients:

“I love Courtney! She’s enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, and really got it done for us. We had no clue what we were doing but from the moment we decided to hire Courtney, we could tell progress was being made. She does a great job of listening to what you want out of your weekend/day and does a great job of making sure that everyone’s expectations are managed. Courtney has amazing vendors that she works with on a regular basis so that was a breeze. Working with Courtney truly made the whole process easier and even enjoyable. She’s really great at taking the load off and her timelines are a thing of beauty. It was so nice to show up to our wedding weekend knowing that she had everything under control. We didn’t have to worry about a thing!
I highly recommend Courtney. You’ll have a great time planning your wedding if you do so and you’ll look back on the entire process and remember nothing but joy! I’d hire her again but alas, I will not be getting married again! I miss her already!” -KRISTIN


“This was the best money we spent on our entire wedding. Hiring Courtney with The Day Of was the best decision. She is top notch: knowledgeable, kind, fun, warm, and professional. She put together our timeline, coordinated all the vendors and made the day run smoothly. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a coordinator – and hire The Day Of! You will not regret it.” – MICHELLE


Thanks so much for taking the time to read about this woman and her amazing business she is building. If you have a questions about her services or want to learn more check out her website:




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Kim + Jeremy

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by the person you love is everything.“

kim and jeremy engagement-family (17 of 57)

BEST PICTURE EVER!!!! This has got to be one of the best ones yet…these kids were rockstars when I asked them to show me how they feel about their parents kissing!!! LOL

kim and jeremy engagement-family (8 of 57)

Meet Kim and Jeremy! Kim found me on WeddingWire. I gave her a call and it was like talking to a friend. Those consults always are my favorite…where you end up talking about everything under the sun for two hours! I was so happy when Kim sent me her deposit and booked me for her and Jeremy’s wedding, December 31st! Yup! New Year’s Eve…but it’s a day wedding so there will be plenty of time for partying afterwards!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (12 of 57)Since their wedding is coming up fast we hopped right into things, and I squeezed her into my schedule to get the engagement session done.

kim and jeremy engagement-family (24 of 57)

Most engagement sessions are just the bride and groom but my heart jumped when he wanted to include their kids also! I asked her is she wanted a bunch of the kids or just a few and her response was, “well we are all going into this marriage and they are a huge part of that.” I loved that and their kids were so much fun!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (30 of 57)

Dom is the oldest boy and was so sweet and such a good listener! He helped keep the little ones happy and was so nice!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (3 of 57)Natalie is the oldest girl and she is gorgeous with her dark hair and her freckles! She looked like an American girl doll! She was super sweet and very willing to help! 

kim and jeremy engagement-family (21 of 57)

JJ stands for Jeremiah Jackson! How cute is that name? I’m obsessed! Luckily I’m not having anymore kids ;). He had so much energy along with his sister Madilynn! Madilynn is absolutely beautiful and super goofy!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (57 of 57)This family was so much fun to work with and you can see all the love they have for one another. I am truly blessed with this job to be able to meet such great people who are living life and doing it together!

kim and jeremy engagement-family (50 of 57)

Thanks for taking the time to read about this adorable family! Till next time!





Carolyn + Matt Est. 2018

“May your life be full of love, and your love be full of life.”

Matt + Carolyn (25 of 28)

Meet Matt and Carolyn! This couple is just the cutest! They went simple and chic! They did almost everything themselves, with the help of some friends and family.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (117 of 166)

They got the flowers from Costco and they looked amazing. Matt’s mom, Cheryl, used to own a floral business so she had the flowers done perfectly!



I walked into the house on Friday for the ceremony which was only about a dozen people and consisted of only family, and the house smelled so good…there were flowers all over the place. Some were there for the ceremony, which took place in their backyard, and the others were there for the reception the next day!



The ceremony was so quick and easy going. Nathan, Carolyn’s brother officiated and said a few words and then they exchanged their vows. You can tell how much people love and care for each other when you listen to their vows. The vows tell you why they fell in love and what things are important to them in their relationship.



These two are a fun, caring and passionate couple.

Matt + Carolyn Wedding (118 of 166)

The reception took place at The Barn in Evergreen Memorial Park. The Barn is absolutely gorgeous and has that amazing rustic feel!



I LOVE doing weddings that are simple, and this barn had such charm, with its surrounding farms and agriculture. The Barn is nestled in the mountains and surrounded by evergreens and wildlife…check it out here:! The entrance to the barn was so simple and elegant. Carolyn had lots of people helping set up all the tables and the flowers, which made it a quick and easy set-up!

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (267 of 99)

Carolyn + Matt Wedding (268 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (256 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (259 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (269 of 99)Carolyn + Matt Wedding (273 of 99)Her friend, Katie showed up with the cakes! Gorgeous much? Wow! Katie used to make cakes and had her own business doing it, why did she even stop? The cakes were the perfect accent to the already beautiful space. The cakes were white and they all had different flavors in each one, and she added some flowers to make them pop! Just look at them!!!



As people showed up they greated each other, and you could tell that everyone was so loving and happy for Matt and Carolyn. They are so lucky to have such loving friends to start this journey with them.



Congratulations again Matt and Carolyn. I wish you nothing but fun and love in this journey you have embarked on!!!

Matt + Carolyn (24 of 28)

Thank you for taking the time to read about this gorgeous couple and their special day! Stay tuned for more of people just like you doing life together.





Chelsey + Aaron Est. 2018

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up one each other.”

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (134 of 134)I had so much fun with this impromptu wedding. It was so simple and easy! Amber, one of Chelseys best friends reached out to me a few days before the wedding and asked if I was available to take pictures for Chelsey as a gift to her. I immediately checked my calendar and made it work! What a great gift to give someone! Chelsey had no idea I was going to be there. Monday morning I drove up to Denver and got there a little early so I was close enough to be at the courthouse when they got there.

As they walked up I hid “creepily” behind a tree near the entrance of the courthouse and started snapping pictures.


I guess Chelseys son, Layton, told her “that girl is taking pictures of us” and Chelsey told him “no honey she isn’t” as they walked up the stairs I put my camera down and reached out my hand and said “Hi Chelsey! I’m Mandy and I’m going to be your photographer today!” The look on her face was absolutely priceless. She had absolutely no idea I would be there so I think she was stunned!



We walked into the courthouse and we went up to where you get marriage licenses and sign all the documents needed. It only took about 20 minutes since the courthouse already had their license ready to be signed. They all signed it, turned it back in, and it was official!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures…Layton was able to sign as a witness to his Mom and Aaron’s marriage! How cool is that?

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (45 of 134)

After the certificate was turned back in we went outside to capture some…pretty amazing shots of these two…you might have seen them on the sneak peek but if you didn’t…ENJOY!!!

This dip is by far one of the best ones EVER!!! Good job you two!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (57 of 134)

After the courthouse, Chelsey wanted to go down to the river in Golden…WOW! It is so beautiful there. There was a super cute small wooden house before we walked down to the water… so OBVIOUSLY we had to stop and get some pics…LOVE this background!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (73 of 134)

Just a boy and his mama! They were so stinking cute!

We walked down to the water and found a super cute place to take some pictures…it was SUPER busy but luckily there was a great shady spot for some fun pictures!

How much can you love someone? Just look at these two!


You can see how much Layton adores Aaron and how Aaron treats Layton as a son. The bond between them is so sweet and look at how handsome they both are!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (112 of 134)

I wish you both nothing but the best and hope that your journey will continue to grow and mature. Keep communicating and there is nothing you can’t handle together. Congrats again Chelsey and Aaron!

Chelsey + Aaron est 2018 (91 of 134)

Thanks again for taking the time to read about this beautiful couple and make sure to check back to read about more people just like you doing life together.